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Ecommerce Marketing March 31, 2023

Scarcity Marketing: 6 Innovative Tactics You Need to Know (+ Examples)

It’s no secret: Scarcity marketing works. People always want what they can’t have because they think the grass is greener on the other side. Many marketers are already using scarcity in their email

Ecommerce Marketing March 29, 2023

Satisfaction Guarantees: 7 of The Best Examples We’ve Seen (and When to Use Them)

Product close-ups, size guides, augmented reality … No matter how much you help customers visualize your products, online shopping will always carry a certain amount of risk for consumers. After all,

Ecommerce Marketing March 13, 2023

How to Use Channel Marketing (Your Key to Unlocking More Sales)

Marketing in ecommerce is far from easy. Sometimes it seems like you’ve completely tapped your own channels. You’ve exhausted your whole network — and nothing seems to be working. So why not leverage

Email Segmentation March 1, 2023

Why Your Ecommerce Brand Needs an RFM Analysis (And How to Do It)

It’s no secret that personalization holds the key to successful email marketing. In fact, 62 percent of consumers respond positively to emails with personalized content, while 76 percent feel

Email Segmentation January 11, 2023

7 Simple Email Segmentation Ideas (for DTC Brands)

Ever wonder why email segmentation is so effective? Let me demonstrate through the power of analogy. Imagine you’re running a brick-and-mortar hardware store employing two sales reps. The first

Ecommerce November 23, 2022

8 Best DTC Brands You Need to Know About (2024)

From PepsiCo to Nike, many of the largest global brands are adopting some form of direct-to-consumer (DTC) approach. Why? DTC brands are some of the most innovative in the ecommerce space. Their

Holiday Marketing October 20, 2022

7 Halloween Marketing Strategies to Try in 2024

Total Halloween spending in the US is expected to hit a record $10.6 billion in 2022, with the average household planning to splash out more than $100 on the spooky ecommerce holiday. That’s a whole

Ecommerce Marketing June 14, 2022

14+ SMS Marketing Statistics You Need to Know (2024)

Haven’t got SMS marketing totally figured out yet? You’re not the only one. Around a quarter of marketers don’t think they’re using SMS to its full potential and believe they need to do more to get

Ecommerce Marketing May 24, 2022

The 8 Best E-Commerce Video Marketing Examples We’ve Seen

People are still obsessed with video. You only have to look at how TikTok has blown up in recent years to see how desperately people want to consume video content. Alongside video-driven channels

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