Email, SMS & Automation

Send emails and texts that drive revenue with personalized, dynamic product recommendations at just the right time. Automate it all with Drip’s easy visual workflow builder.

Stand out in a crowded inbox.


Create personalized, branded emails that actually convert using our powerful visual email builder or our simple text email editor. Put your store data to work with Drip’s dynamic content. Send abandoned cart items, unique discount codes, and top selling products to turn shoppers into customers. Drip can even recommend products based on past purchases.

Meet your customers on their phone.


SMS is immediate, to the point, and easy to consume. Sky-high engagement rates make text message marketing the perfect channel for your most relevant, highest value messages — and practically guarantees that your message will be read. Track revenue down to each individual SMS sent.

Show customers exactly what they want.

Dynamic Content

Each customer is unique. The emails and texts that you send them should be, too. Send any product from your catalogue, behavior-based recommendations, and more – no coding required. You can trust Drip to include the right products – every time.

Learn what makes the biggest impact, and repeat.

A/B Testing

Test which strategies drive the most revenue, clicks, opens, and more. Your customers benefit when you understand what’s clicking and what’s not.

Send the right message at the right time.

Behavior Based Automations

Trigger communication based on real-life behaviors. Shopping events include which products someone views, when they make a purchase, and more. Start with one of Drip’s best-practice workflows or build your own.

A screenshot of a Drip email setup screen allowing an email to be scheduled for a specific date, time and timezone, including the recipient's local timezone.

Automate it all with Drip’s powerful visual workflow builder.

Scheduled Sending

Set your welcome series, win-back campaigns, and loyalty workflows to run in the background while you sleep. Drip automatically recognizes when customers take key actions on your store. Watch customers engage with your brand after you set up welcome series, win-back campaigns and loyalty flows that work in the background.

A screenshot of Facebook and Instagram ads created with Drip's Facebook Custom Audiences integration.

Keep the journey going across social media.

Facebook and Instagram

Sync Facebook Custom Audiences with Drip segments to craft powerful marketing campaigns aligned across communication channels.

Send better emails
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