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We see the big picture.

We see the big picture.

Our Commitment

We’re a lot like you. We believe in working hard, lending a hand wherever we can, never settling for what worked in the past, and always reaching for a better way to do things.

Oh, we’re also humans, just like you. Which means we’ll always stay grounded with humans, empathize with humans, and talk using human words, not robot words.

As the first and only ecommerce customer relationship manager (ECRM), we have some explaining to do. In short, we’ve built a platform that brings people closer to their customers than they’ve ever been before.

The CRMs you might’ve seen around focus on managing relationships between businesses. Interactions are steely, monotone, overly automated—pretty much the opposite of what most businesses want to come off as.

On the flip side, ECRM focuses on the human side of ecommerce. We believe checking out a new coat or signing up for an online class should feel just as intimate as buying a pop from Dave at the corner store.

ECRM is new—like we said, we’re pretty much the first and only ones doing this right now. But we know ECRM is the only way to rekindle the human connection between businesses and their customers.

A happy woman dancing in front of a aqua colored circular window.
Two happy, smiling, female Drip employees standing side-by-side, posing for a photo.

We won’t stop until every business gets a taste of how we can help them. We’re breaking barriers and finally putting heavy-lifting B2B levels of automation and insight in the hands of B2C businesses that want to eat revenue goals for breakfast.

And if you tried, you could probably scrape a bit of our DNA off every little piece of Drip. From the very beginning, we’ve been devoutly married to innovating the product to meet the growing needs of people who count on us most—our hard-working, big-dreaming customers.

We won’t deny that our ideas are big. Sure. But we know, every day, that we can continuously knock out big idea after big idea and ship them out because of the hearts and souls of everyone who walks through our doors.

Our crew of developers, writers, nerds, and comedians come into work, top off their coffees, grab a handful of snacks, and hit the road running to simply make us better than we were the day before. You might call it cheesy optimism, but we think this continuous hustle is what has propelled us from a one-man show to a fast-growing torchbearer in the world of automation.

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A happy woman dancing in front of a aqua colored circular window.

Our Growth

We’re like a classic 14-year-old: We go to bed and wake up taller than we were the night before. At any time, you can put your ear to the ground and hear a constant rumble of growth. Since our start in 2013, we’ve grown to...

Illustration of a large group of diverse people.

4,700+ Customers

Our customers are big and small businesses of all industries. Whether they’re selling dog food and cat toys or advice and classes, they all have one common goal—build a trusting and long-lasting relationship with each of their customers. We help them have the conversations that matter most, when it matters most.

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68 Employees

Our team of developers, marketers, customer supporters, analysts, funsters, and nerds is tight-knit and fun-loving. Like a finely curated collection, everyone here brings their A-game with a side dish of unique hilarity every. Single. Day. We believe in bringing out the best in each other while bringing out the best in Drip.

Illustration of a large number of nodes representing a network with envelopes at every endpoint.

1.8 Billion Emails Sent

We really wish we could quantify this in a way that’s easy to picture, like putting it in terms of X# of football fields or the number of times these emails could circle the earth. But you’ll just have to take our word that 1.8 billion is one heckuva lot of heartfelt, tailor-made emails sent to happy customers around the world.

Illustration of a leashed dog sniffing the ground with an exclamation point over its head indicating it has found something.

3.2 Billion Events Tracked

This is the meaning behind seeing your customers in full color. The growing number of triggers, tags, events, and more that can be automatically applied means our customers can see the whole story behind every one of their customers. Automation has finally left the world of black-and-white in the dust.

Drip employees working in our open-office setting.

As an early stage, venture-backed SaaS startup, those numbers aren’t too shabby. We even managed to come away from 2017 as one of the fastest-growing business apps with an impressive 212% gain. But we aren’t even close to being satisfied.

Until time ends, we’ll keep building on what we’ve started so that our customers can keep building on what they’ve started.

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Our Leadership

These very rad characters have done things like fearlessly build businesses from scratch, see companies like GoDaddy and BackCountry to epic growth, and raise company cultures that empower everyone inside and out.

They push us to think outside the box, live empathetically, and always put the customer first. They’re cool people. Good people. And we’d like you to meet them.

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Jason Heath


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Dustin Robertson


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John Tedesco


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Ashley Lundquist

VP of People

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Rob Walling

VP of Product

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