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We see the big picture.

Our Commitment

We’re a lot like you. We believe in working hard, lending a hand wherever we can, never settling for what worked in the past, and always reaching for a better way to do things.

Oh, we’re also humans, just like you. Which means we’ll always stay grounded with humans, empathize with humans, and talk using human words, not robot words.

As the first and only ecommerce customer relationship manager (ECRM), we have some explaining to do. In short, we’ve built a platform that brings people closer to their customers than they’ve ever been before.

The CRMs you might’ve seen around focus on managing relationships between businesses. Interactions are steely, monotone, overly automated—pretty much the opposite of what most businesses want to come off as.

On the flip side, ECRM focuses on the human side of ecommerce. We believe checking out a new coat or signing up for an online class should feel just as intimate as buying a pop from Dave at the corner store.

ECRM is new—like we said, we’re pretty much the first and only ones doing this right now. But we know ECRM is the only way to rekindle the human connection between businesses and their customers.

A happy woman dancing in front of a aqua colored circular window.
The winners of our 2018 Growth, Impact and Fun awards with their awards.

We won’t stop until every business gets a taste of how we can help them. We’re breaking barriers and finally putting heavy-lifting B2B levels of automation and insight in the hands of B2C businesses that want to eat revenue goals for breakfast.

And if you tried, you could probably scrape a bit of our DNA off every little piece of Drip. From the very beginning, we’ve been devoutly married to innovating the product to meet the growing needs of people who count on us most—our hard-working, big-dreaming customers.

We won’t deny that our ideas are big. Sure. But we know, every day, that we can continuously knock out big idea after big idea and ship them out because of the hearts and souls of everyone who walks through our doors.

Our crew of developers, writers, nerds, and comedians come into work, top off their coffees, grab a handful of snacks, and hit the road running to simply make us better than we were the day before. You might call it cheesy optimism, but we think this continuous hustle is what has propelled us from a one-man show to a fast-growing torchbearer in the world of automation.

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Drip employees listening attentively at an all-company meeting.
Drip employees enjoying a team outing at the Minnesota State Fair.

In 2019, G2 Crowd (the go-to software review platform) has awarded Drip a spot in both its Top 50 Fastest Growing Products and Top 50 Best Products for Marketers lists.

We’re not all about the accolades, though. For us, the real wins come every time our customers thrive because of what we’re building, and that’s pretty darn cool.

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Our Leadership

Our leaders push us to think outside the ecommerce box, empathize with the people who use Drip, and craft forward-thinking solutions every single day. With decades of experience and proven strategy, these folks know how to navigate the ecommerce industry now and tomorrow.

Our Board of Directors

Beyond our crew of in-house leadership is Drip’s intrepid Board of Directors. With deep SaaS, tech, and consulting experience, each member is well-versed in hyper-growth and guiding companies to become their best.

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