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Email Marketing March 18, 2024

9 Must-Have Email Examples for the Fashion & Apparel Industry

The fashion and apparel industry is exploding right now. According to a new report by Shopify, “Experts predict that the ecommerce segment of fashion and apparel will increase at a compound annual

Email Marketing February 19, 2024

How to Get Email Tone Right [and Adapt it to Your Unique Customer Journey]

Anyone who’s ever had an argument will be all too familiar with the phrase: “It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.” Those words of wisdom are just as relevant to ecommerce marketing as they

Email Marketing February 12, 2024

4 Proven Strategies for Transforming Casual Shoppers into Repeat Purchasers

Converting an ecommerce lead into a first-time buyer is a big deal. Suddenly, they’re no longer just another name on your marketing list: they’re a paying customer. Which means they’re well on the

Email Marketing January 30, 2024

9 of the Best Spring Email Examples We’ve Ever Seen

Spring is my absolute favorite season. Colors begin coming back to our lives; the sun starts feeling warmer. There’s simply more joy in the air. For many consumers, spring is also a time to declutter

Email Marketing January 29, 2024

Every Ecommerce Holiday You Should Prepare for in 2024

You’re probably facing a lot of competition in your niche. It’s fierce out there. For online sellers, this means one thing: you’ve got to find a way to outdo the competition to maintain your position

Email Marketing January 9, 2024

14 Research-Backed Ways to Split Test Your Subject Line for More Opens

Email open rate is important. After all, if someone doesn’t open your email, they can’t read it. A/B testing your email subject lines is one of the best ways to optimize your email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing January 9, 2024

9 of the Best Valentine’s Day Email Examples We’ve Seen

Ah, Valentine’s Day… The day of love. Or, more accurately, the day of gifting your partner, your BFF, your dog, or yourself. According to The National Retail Federation, the average American consumer

Email Marketing January 3, 2024

9 Email Subject Line Best Practices For High Open Rates (+ Examples)

Attracting the reader's attention starts with an email subject line, but crafting a great one is no easy feat. Thus, it's important to perfect this small but powerful element of an email that can

Email Marketing December 25, 2023

7 New Year Email Examples (That Are Super Effective)

Ever since the ancient Babylonians started making New Year’s resolutions, the dawning of a new year has been a time of change and growth. Fast forward about 4,000 years and the tradition is alive and

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