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Shopper Activity API

Have a home-grown Ecommerce store and want to connect with Drip? We’ve got you covered! Drip has a full-featured API that many of our popular, large Ecommerce integrations are built upon. The API has three methods for reporting on Shopper Activity: 1. Order Activity: enables you to report revenue from your store to Drip which allows you to see the revenue driven by every customer, campaign, workflow and broadcast. 2. Cart Activity: When a cart is created or updated, an event is appended to the shopper in Drip. 3. Product Activity: Allows you to connect your customers to the products they love. When Drip has your product data, you can leverage photos and prices with your customers.

See how you can grow your loyal customer base using Drip's Shopper Activity API.

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Key Features

  • Cart, order, and product triggers and events to use for broadcast, workflows, campaigns.

  • Revenue attribution to actions taken in Drip.

  • Segmentation on order, cart and product activity.