Drip vs. Mailchimp

Is Drip better than ActiveCampaign?

It’s a common question. And one we can’t answer without bias. So, rather than compare features side-by-side, we'll share who Drip is for—and not for—and the 7 reasons people make the switch.

  • Free migration and workflow setup
  • Free 14-day trial (no credit card required)
  • Up to 100 days money-back guarantee

Which platform is right for you?


Drip is for you if:

  1. You own or work for a community-driven DTC/ecommerce brand.
  2. You need advanced marketing automations to power your sales engine.
  3. You care about your customers beyond the first purchase.
  4. You’re serious about onsite segmentation and zero-party data collection.
  5. You want to use zero-party data to better personalize emails and automations.
  6. You want a simple yet powerful solution that’s built for OMSs like Shopify.
  7. You want to glean real insights from your People’s behavior.

ActiveCampaign is for you if:

  • You don’t need much hand-holding from customer support.
  • You own or work for a B2B company.
  • You only require a few integrations to run your business.
  • You need a strong CRM to help your sales team close more deals.
  • You need to set up multiple stores.
  • You have ultra-specific technical requirements or require a high level of customization.

“Sending Drip campaigns, setting up subscribe forms, and linking with other software to create automations, all super easily done. Overall is a really well thought out piece of software and the easiest to use considering its power.”

Steve P.
Capterra Review

7 reasons people choose Drip.


Onsite marketing.

Turn your website into a high-converting marketing channel with Onsite. Design onsite journeys that guide first-time visitors toward becoming potential customers. And then, later, convert them into customers and repeat lifetime buyers for your brand.

Multichannel workflows made for ecommerce.

Our workflows go beyond just email.  Sync Facebook Custom Audiences with Drip segments and craft powerful marketing campaigns that align across channels. Tap into your People’s behaviors and change up the messaging they see to deliver a consistent customer experience across the board.


Better deliverability.

Our dedicated deliverability team works hard to maintain sky-high deliverability, and is available to answer any questions and help optimize your account so you can have confidence that your emails are always reaching the inbox.

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Unlimited email sends.

Drip offers unlimited monthly email sends to all its customers, up to 30,000 people. (Yes, really.)


Better list management.

Say goodbye to manually moving people from one list to another. Drip’s segmentation is dynamic, which means Drip updates your people in real time depending on if someone meets the criteria for a specific segment or not.


Ongoing Support.

Support with Drip means enjoying email, live chat, and live audio screen recording at your finger tips. With full support hours running from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CT, you’ll be able to resolve issues in real time, more efficiently and effectively.

Ecommerce-fueled segments.

Segment the right way, in real time. Infuse email, Onsite, and workflows with segment-driven strategies. Deliver ultra-personalized messaging that keeps people engaged with your brand. Use customer-action-based triggers to transcend basic personalization.


See why people love Drip.

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