Facebook Custom Audiences

Your Facebook ads should be just as intelligent, relevant, and personal as your emails. Now they can be, with Drip’s Facebook Custom Audiences integration. Automatically move people in and out of Custom Audiences on Facebook, all from inside your Drip workflows.

Start, stop, or change the ads your customers see, based on actions they take. You’ll automatically deliver a consistent marketing message, saving money, and driving more sales while you do it.

With more hyper-targeted advertising than you ever thought possible, you’ll use Drip’s marketing automation suite to deliver intelligent ads that result in more sales.

Key Features

  • Start, stop, and change the ads your customers see based on the actions they take.
  • Create new Facebook Custom Audiences from inside your workflows without ever leaving Drip.
  • Automate adding customers to, or removing customers from, Facebook Custom Audiences, all from inside your Drip Workflows, Basic Rules, and Bulk Operations.
  • Retarget specific groups of customers, depending on their real-life actions like making a purchase or viewing a product, with ads that match any stage in your funnel.
  • Use unlimited Facebook Custom Audience actions in your Workflows for endless advertising opportunities that drive more sales.
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