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Join Ecomm-unity
(our Slack community, whoop!)


Ecomm on in!

Things are buzzing over at Ecomm-unity (that’s what we’re calling our Slack community 😀), and we can’t wait to have you be an integral part of the ecomm marketing world’s biggest, most enriching conversation. Together, we’ll make this THE community space for discussions (and fun) on all things ecommerce marketing.


Why community?

Building a Slack community of our own felt like the best possible way to give voice to the people (that’s you), foster connection and growth, and push the ecomm marketing envelope. To us, it’s about giving you the tools, relationships, conversations, and resources you deserve, while fashioning the ecomm marketing world into something we truly want it to be.


Tell me more.

Ecomm-unity is a curated community of Drip experts, ecomm industry pros, founders and internal operators from rad ecomm brands like Haute Hijab, The Feed, The Spice House, email + SMS marketers, and all-around creative thinkers. Oh, and newbies too (everyone’s gotta start somewhere 😉).

Inside Ecomm-unity, you’ll find useful channels like:

  • #EcommEssentials - All things ecomm, all the time. Don’t miss a beat.

  • #Troubleshooting - Ask questions, support one another, hold hands.

  • #ChitChat - Just that: chit and chat. Movies, music, memes, and more.

  • #EmailMarketing - Workflows, abandoned carts, and win-backs? Yup.

  • #SMS - Yeah, we text. Let’s talk about it.

Let's gooo.

Join Ecomm-unity*. Connect, grow, and contribute to the convo. Learn, share, go wild.
Be the ecomm rebel you were meant to be.
*B2B beauties, we've got some channels in here for you, too—ecomm onnnn, in!