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Getting started has never been easier.

Marketing is easier when your tools play nicely together. Seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business, with many ways to connect, and see it all in one place.

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See your customers in full color with powerful ecommerce data.

Drip’s tracking code delivers insights into who your customers are and what they want. With full customer timelines for each person that interacts with your business, Drip is finally your single source of truth.

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Email marketing that finally grew up.

The best marketing goes beyond email blasts. Send intelligent campaigns using email, Facebook, and more that adapt to your customers' interests and behavior. Plus, Drip’s industry-leading deliverability rates make sure you land in the inbox.

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Create personalized marketing campaigns for people, not robots.

Marketing that’s more human makes everything better. With Drip, you’ll delight your customers and sell more online, with hyper-relevant content, recommendations, and more.

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Make profitable, data-based decisions—not best-guesses.

When it comes to selling more online, we know how important it is to see the health of your business as a whole—and then be able to make actionable choices, based on what you know.

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Incredible software, deliverability and customer service. I’ve tried everything and Drip is on another level!

Sam Verified Drip Customer
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Common Questions

What happens when I start a free trial?
You can use every feature Drip offers free for two weeks. If (and only if!) you love it, your card will be charged a monthly fee at the end of that trial period. We'll even mail you a couple of days before your trial expires to remind you. This ensures that your site visitors continue to get the chance to sign up and that your current recipients won't get cut off mid-campaign.
What's the setup process like?
We've made the setup workflow as painless as possible. It's a simple three-step process; install our JavaScript snippet, import your subscribers, and activate your campaign or workflow. Then it's off to the races.
Can I change my plan?
Drip will always place you in the most cost-effective plan based on subscriber count and the volume of emails you send during the month. If you exceed the subscriber or email volume limit for your specific plan, we’ll move you to the next higher plan for your next bill. When you prune your list or people unsubscribe, dropping your account into a subscriber count that is below your current plan level, we’ll simply downgrade you automatically after your next charge.
Are there migration services available?
There sure are! We know that changing marketing automation tools can feel like you’re moving houses. So consider us your professional movers. We’ll lift items from your existing tool, move them, and set them back up inside Drip. We’ll make sure we leave it even nicer than your last home. Click here to learn more.
What type of support is offered?
All of our paying customers on a Basic plan or higher have access to friendly, live chat and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let us be your nerd.

We’ll take you on a quick, no-pressure tour of our tools. You’ll learn why thousands of marketers are graduating from typical email platforms, and making more money with Drip.