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Drip vs. Klaviyo:
Comparisons Worth a Darn



    You’ve been hustling hard and all the blood, sweat and tears have finally lead to big gains for your company— hello custom domain, fancy new logo, and a fat stack of business cards.

    Now that you’re open for business, it’s time to make the next strategic move for your ecommerce company so you can keep growing instead of hitting that dreaded plateau. Expanding your email marketing game can seem daunting, but we’re here to help you make a smart decision and see big gains.  

    This thorough guide is a side-by-side comparison of marketing automation apps Drip and Klaviyo. We cover each platform’s pros and cons when it comes to the nine essentials of ecommerce email marketing software. This guide will be easy to understand and won’t grow stale. If either platform makes a big change or addition to their software, you bet we’ll update this comparison.

    We’re also not in the business of embellishing our product. We feel confident that Drip can earn your business and trust as long as we provide the solid facts, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your team. Time to learn about what Drip and Klaviyo have to offer.

    1. Plays nice with Facebook

    Us: Drip has a fat stack of integrations (more on that later), but a big source of pride and joy is how we plug into Facebook. Drip’s goal is to make the millions of active users on Facebook your future customers so your ecommerce business can grow exponentially. There are a few ways Drip is up to the challenge.

    Ready to grow your audience? Drip connects to your Facebook Custom Audiences to automatically finesse your groups and target ads to them just right. We do all the heavy lifting of adding or removing people from an audience based on their actions. Did they buy something? Which email campaign did they open? Did they look at a product? The best part is that you can do all of this from inside your Drip account.

    This is an example of a rule that automatically adds someone to a Custom Audience after they bought a pair of Adidas sneakers from me!

    The next step is growing your audiences with Drip and Facebook Lead Ads. When a Facebook user clicks on your ad and enters their email, their info will be instantly sent to Drip as a “lead.” Then Drip automatically sends that lead whichever email campaign you designated in the platform. There are countless other reactions to choose from, too. With Drip, it’s easy to convert those vaguely interested Facebook browsers into returning customers.

    Klaviyo: Just like Drip, Klaviyo lets you marry your Facebook and email marketing platforms and strategies. The platform provides important integration with both Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Lead Ads, so you can take advantage of the massive audience base.

    Retarget Facebook followers, use Lookalike Audiences and win back inactive people on the social media giant. Plus, use Lead Ads to collect leads on Facebook and Instagram that you can sync to your email marketing efforts. With Klaviyo, your Facebook efforts will also be in good hands.

    Winner: With direct integrations with both Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook Custom Audiences, Drip and Klaviyo come in neck-and-neck for making Facebook a better-performing tool for your business.

    2. Automation Capabilities

    Us: Drip’s workflow platform makes automation simple and sweet. Using an effective if-this-then-that system paired with automated workflows, you get practically countless possibilities when designing customer journeys. What does an “if-this-then-that” system even mean?

    Basic rules inside of Drip let you set reactions that will automatically happen when someone takes a specific action. Or, otherwise put, if a person does this, then Drip will do that.

    You can even design rules to trigger multiple reactions. For example, you can set a rule that sends a welcome email when a new lead signs up and have that rule also apply a tag like “lead.”  

    Workflows are automated journeys for your customers. They’re like extended rules that take into account what your customers are doing throughout the course of the workflow. When new customers trigger a workflow, for example, you can send them down different personalized paths related to what they bought or what they’re tagged with.

    Drip’s rules and workflows are what you make of them—they can be as flexible  and detailed as your business needs. If deciding on all these rules seems daunting, our brainiac Drip developers have provided pre-made workflows you can start with and adapt as time goes on.

    Klaviyo: Klaviyo believes that simple marketing automation can be done in your sleep. They host multiple tools to make it as easy as possible, too. Using a few conditions and actions, you can build flows or rules for any situation.

    Whether it’s a follower’s birthday or someone abandoned a cart, there are flows for that. This way, you automatically reach out to each customer and reel them in at the perfect time.

    Klaviyo’s automated flow builder is similar in structure to Drip’s workflow builder, however, the automation options inside the builder are limited. Flows are much like “campaigns” inside of Drip—they’re best for automating when to send emails (and which emails to send) depending on what people are doing.

    Winner: Flows inside of Klaviyo are easy to build with a minimal learning curve, but if you’re looking at going beyond well-times emails with your automation, Drip is your winner. Drip workflows let you automate a huge variety of actions inside of Drip and across many of your integrations—including Facebook, Salesforce, and more.

    3. Visual Builder

    Us: With Drip, you don’t need a degree in computer programming to master the platform. Creating workflows and emails are simple with our visual builders. They’re there to make the process as intuitive as possible. We already give you the drawing board to work on!

    As your workflows grow in size and number, it’s easy for them to overwhelm you. With our visual builder, though, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can easily add, remove and adjust actions, goals, and more in an easy way. This is especially helpful if you’re a newbie to marketing automation.

    To make your life even easier, Drip has a visual builder for emails, too. Create emails and campaigns from scratch with a point-and-click builder right in the platform. No need to code HTML emails by hand or transfer your work from an outside creator into Drip. It’s all you need in one convenient place.

    Klaviyo: Like Drip, Klaviyo offers intuitive and appealing visual builders to help you and your business, no matter the size or experience. Use the simple flow builder to design your customer’s email journeys without getting lost in the process. Start from scratch or browse through preset workflows you can adapt for inspiration.

    If you’re not already sold on another email designing software, or want all your processes in one place, Klaviyo also has a visual email builder. Klaviyo’s email builder uses a drag-and-drop interface, so you can easily design beautiful email campaigns.

    Winner: Both Klaviyo and Drip have easy-to-build automations and emails, and that’s all thanks to some pretty intuitive interfaces. The winner of this category is really up to you. Dig into each platform and see which one feels more comfortable to use during your test drives.

    Build a beautiful email

    4. Individual Customer Journeys

    Us: Growing your ecommerce audience and loyal customers means understanding them. Understanding how they see your product, what they like, what they don’t like, their hopes and dreams. Okay, well maybe not all of that, but Drip knows how important it is to really *get* your audience. That’s why we developed individual visual customer timelines.

    With these timelines, you get an in-depth look at how people interact with your business. See how long it took for someone to make a purchase or which email campaign converted them into a buyer. All of this so you can make smart marketing decisions and adjust your strategy to your customers.

    An example of what a customer timeline looks like.

    Drip even makes these decisions easy with Lead Scoring. Lead scoring assigns points to people (or takes them away) for different actions they take. Here is one example: Set your lead scoring to give one point to someone when they subscribe to your newsletter. Then assign more points when they put an item in their cart. But if they abandon that cart, they could have a point taken away. This score helps you keep track of your customers, what marketing is working, and can also be used as a trigger for different rules and workflows.

    Klaviyo: Klaviyo’s platform offers your business an analytics deck that’s easy to understand. Dive deep into some data about your email campaigns, integrations and potential customers  interacting with your products. With your marketing “command center” you can look at trending metrics, compare performance to other periods and see completed actions in real time.

    Unlike Drip though, there aren’t individual customer timelines or Lead Scoring. You can get a third-party app integration for Lead Scoring, but you would be billed from the app developer. On the bright side, Klaviyo will give you a closer look at your MVPs in the “best people” section.

    Winner: With built-in Lead Scoring and comprehensive customer timelines, any guesswork is gone when it comes to your customers in Drip. Because of no-nonsense customer insights, Drip wins here.

    5. Segmentation Capabilities

    Us: Drip comes with flexible segmentation features that let you see a more holistic view of people in your account. We like to focus on people, not just their emails. Because we know everyone is different and finds your company in a different way, we’ve made it possible to label each person’s experience with various tags and custom events—anything from locations, dates, choices a person made, choices they didn’t make, or how many times someone does something (like make a purchase or view a page).  

    Some pretty detailed filtering is happening around here.

    With tags and events, you can filter people by one or many things to better understand a subset of your audience. You can filter broadly, such as finding just the people tagged with “customer” on your list, or you can filter deeply, such as finding only customers who bought Adidas shoes three times in the past year.

    From there, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect message for those unique experiences, so you can pique someone’s interest and earn their business time and time again. Deep segmentation is key to providing the most relevant and timely experiences for each of your unique customers.

    Klaviyo: Klaviyo lets you segment based on a variety of customer factors, such as their behaviors, location, tags, or other properties that you can even customize to fit your needs.

    For instance, you can be as specific as targeting customers named Kelly who bought shirts at least twice a month. Then you can target ads based on those events and special consideration, like if someone subscribes to a list.

    The whole point? Create more relevant marketing to make more frequent sales and build loyal customers.

    Winner: Both Drip and Klaviyo use the power of tags for the best segmentation possible. Both platforms also let you go beyond filtering by one-time tags with filters for when customers do something more than once. Because of how broad or nitty-gritty your segments can be with either, this category is a tie.

    Segment like the pros

    6. Fit Your Stack

    Us: Remember that fat stack of integrations we mentioned earlier? Well, Drip boasts almost 100 application integrations, so you always have the right tools to grow your platform. We play nice with all the big players in ecommerce, so it’s easy to connect your existing accounts to Drip. Plus, we’re always adding more integrations to add value to your experience over time.

    Worried that maybe Drip doesn’t integrate with your favorite tool? You don’t have to wait for the integration to be created by our team. With our top-notch API (Application Programming Interface), you can adapt virtually any tool talk to Drip’s platform. The thorough API library can help your team customize your experience and have more options to learn about your customers.

    Klaviyo: When it comes to the big names in ecommerce, Klaviyo has you covered with integrations. But compared with Drip, Klaviyo’s integration stack is about half the size. Another thing to keep in mind is that the platform is not currently optimized to support more than one ecommerce store per account.

    Overall, Klaviyo only supports one integration per type of integration (ecommerce, help desk software, rewards program, etc.). If you’re not starting from scratch, this will be a big thing to remember when reviewing what apps and software you’d need connected to Klaviyo’s platform.

    But thankfully, Klaviyo’s API is also open and available for nimble programmers to adapt. If you have a skilled team, use the API to get the most out of the platform.

    Winner: With more integration options that’ll help you scale up, up, and away, Drip wins when it comes to integrations. However, it’s nice that both platforms have an open API and handy documentation should you want to get crackin’ on your own integration.

    7. Ease of Implementation

    Us: Don’t let the fear of a complicated setup stop you from a smart business decision. We know that starting with a new product can be a pain, but that’s why we're here to help! 

    An intuitive user interface, easy navigation, helpful resources, and our 24/7 customer support are all at your disposal to get up and sending with Drip on day one. But if you do find that you need an extra hand to help replicate complex automations you had been using, or if you just want some help making sure all your I's are dotted, our ECRM customer success team is ready for you.

    Drip offers a variety of consultation and implementation services that you can add onto your plan. If that sounds like a service you could use, just holler at us and we'll set you up right.

    Klaviyo: Data migration can be super stressful, but Klaviyo’s migration integrations make it easy to transfer information from certain platforms. If you’re looking to switch from some of the big providers like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact, there are built-in integrations to import existing email lists and even unsubscribes.

    If you’re leaving a platform without built-in data migration, Klaviyo’s help center has detailed instructions to walk you through a D.I.Y. transfer process. There is even a setup wizard within the platform for those just starting out. Pure magic!

    Winner: With a wide range of options and levels of help, Drip takes this category. While Klaviyo’s DIY resources are helpful for most migrations, Drips dedicated ECRM customer success team can help with migrations and questions of all shapes and sizes.

    8. Is It Built For Humans?

    Us: A great automation platform isn’t just about having more and more features. It’s about how easy the platform is to use and learn. After all, a stressed out and confused team doesn’t help anyone. Drip places a high value in simple and clutter-free design. We’ve invested a lot of time building the platform in a way that is intuitive to even new users. This way we can meet all users where they are in their email marketing journey.

    Don’t sweat it if you hit a snag either. Drip accounts come with multiple support options. And yes, you can even talk to a real person. Anyone with a Basic Drip plan or up has access to chat and ticket support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you only have a quick question, you can search our vast Knowledge Base and blog. We’re constantly adding information to both resources that explain simple issues and features and how to solve them. Another perk of Drip is the Facebook groups you can turn to for reliable peer advice from other Drip users. With Drip, you don’t just get a service—you get a whole community.

    Klaviyo: Klaviyo also has a simple and sweet approach to their platform. They have a slick and sharp look that makes it easy to explore and learn all of its features. The design makes the platform less intimidating and keeps everything organized well. Tools, like the visual email and workflow builders, are also easy on the eyes and, therefore, the building process.

    Klaviyo does come with a few support options. In the platform’s support area, you’ll find videos, written guides, and live Q&A “office hours.” Neat right? There is also email support available to all users between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time. Those with paid plans will also have access to live chat support from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

    Winner: While both Drip and Klaviyo are beautifully designed for easy use and have a deep library of help and how-to articles, Klaviyo’s frequent “office hours” and live onboarding webinars puts it on top in this category.

    9. Workflows You Can Set Goals In

    Us: At Drip, we want to respect the unique journey each person has with your company and products. After all, the goal is that they stick around long-term. To make sure people are never overwhelmed with redundant or untimely marketing, we’ve designed a special feature within our workflows: goals.

    Anytime you create a workflow, you can set a custom goal. No matter where in the workflow someone is when they meet that goal, they are removed from everything above that goal in the workflow and pulled down to a more appropriate spot in their journey. You can even automatically send people to a different workflow that triggers new options and campaigns.

    For example, let’s say the goal of your workflow is “make a purchase.” Within that workflow, people enter a 10-email campaign that nurtures them to buy. If at anytime during that email campaign, someone hits your goal, they’ll be pulled out of that email campaign and pulled down to your goal, then proceed with any following steps.  

    In this workflow, “Clicked a trigger link” is a goal. If at any time someone clicks a trigger link in the “Feedback Survey” campaign, they’ll be pulled from that email campaign and they’ll continue the workflow with any steps remaining after the goal. In this case, they’ll have a tag applied to them. This is a long description. Sorry.

    With goals, your new customer won’t get spammed with repetitive emails pushing them to do what they’ve already done. Goals help build healthy, long-lasting relationships so that sales keep coming.

    Klaviyo: It’s a no-brainer that workflow goals are important way to measure the success of campaigns and continue healthy relationships. However, not every platform is equipped with a feature like workflow goals. Unfortunately, that’s the case with Klaviyo.

    Winner: Because Klaviyo doesn’t have a comparable “goals” feature, Drip takes the cake here. Goals are just another way to make sure your customers are always getting the most on-par messages possible.

    Drip vs. Klaviyo: The Verdict

    Drip and Klaviyo have a whole lot in common and you may be wondering what the heck you should pick. Both platforms clearly can get the job done, but which one will be most useful to your ecommerce business and your team?

    Klaviyo is a great product, especially for newer business and smaller teams starting email marketing automation for the first time. Klaviyo has a visual workflow builder, a drag-and-drop email creator and an intuitive platform. The analytics, integrations and segmentation capabilities give businesses the right tools to either cast a wide net or target very specific groups.

    However, Drip provides essential features that Klaviyo doesn’t. Drip’s app integration stack is double the size, workflow automation capabilities stretch beyond sending emails, and the platform’s analytics come with individual customer timelines. The cherry on top is Drip’s workflow goals—still a rare feature among email automation software. Whether you’re a young growing company, or a large team looking to further expand, there is always a way to scale to be bigger and better with Drip.

    Are you ready to go above and beyond? Try Drip free for two weeks to see how your business can benefit.

    Join Drip today