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7 Re-Engagement Email Examples That’ll Drive More Sales

Growing an email marketing list is a constant battle. It’s hard enough persuading potential customers to sign up in the first place. But for many brands, it’s even harder to keep them engaged weeks,

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Email Marketing

9 Best Email Marketing Services for DTC Brands (2023)

Email needs to be a key channel in your marketing mix.  The reach is there as four billion people use email daily. Plus, it garners results, with 95 percent of marketers saying email marketing helped


7 Onsite Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Own

I doubt there’s a single ecommerce company in the world that’s truly happy with its conversion rate. According to IRP Commerce, conversion rates fluctuate throughout the year, but typically range

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Analytics: 7 Metrics You Need to Track

Data is the lifeblood of marketers. We’d probably write romantic love songs to data if we had the time. Why do we heart data so much? Well, without analytics you just have guesswork. And that’s a

Email Marketing

7 Best Dynamic Email Examples We’ve Seen

Back before the internet was a “thing”, people did virtually all of their shopping at local stores. (Hard to believe, I know.) They’d visit the same mom-and-pop retailer once a week for years on end.


8 DTC Statistics You Need to Know (2023)

The DTC model is all that and a bag of chips. Anyone in the business of ecommerce knows that DTC brands are the creators and innovators when it comes to both product and strategy. So I’ve gathered up


7 DTC Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Customer Loyalty

What the average consumer cares about has changed tremendously in recent years.  Sixty percent of consumers will go out of their way to buy from a brand over a third-party retailer. Buying from big


9 August Newsletter Ideas (and Why They Work)

August is the height of summer. (Well, in the northern hemisphere at least.) But while the average consumer is contemplating two weeks on a beach or trying to figure out how to keep their kids


7 Customer Segmentation Ideas to Grow Your Business

Every one of your customers is as unique as a unicorn riding a unicycle. It doesn’t make marketing easy. They expect to be treated as such, even if you’ve got hundreds or thousands of unicorns in

Email Marketing

Are Emails Case Sensitive? What You Need to Know

Picture this. You’ve gone to the trouble of creating a compelling email campaign. Convincing copy and stunning product images abound. You hit send and the emails are delivered to your list. Well…