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Marketing Automation vs. Inbound Marketing: One, The Other, or Both?

Marketing automation? Inbound marketing? We’ve got enough buzzwords in online marketing to fill a Cosmo cover, but when you get down to the heart of the issue, the strategy that counts is the one that brings in more customers.

Best Practices

Email Marketing Best Practices

There are some basic things that apply regardless of what the purpose of your marketing emails is. Keep these things in mind when you’re creating your emails and you’ll almost certainly get a higher response rate.

Marketing Automation

10 Email Marketing Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Making use of the latest and best tools gives you an edge over others in your industry who may just stick with the old tried-and-true (which may or may not keep up with the times). Read on for ten great tools you may not have heard of before but that you should definitely take the time to check out.

Marketing Automation

Email Newsletters: 20 Mistakes To Avoid

Here are twenty huge mistakes that a lot of marketers make when starting out on the email newsletter path. Granted, not many people make every mistake listed, but it’s almost certain that every marketer out there has made at least one of them in their career (and hopefully learned from the experience without too much damage). Read on to find out what to avoid and what to do instead.

Marketing Automation

18 Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

We’ve collected eighteen great tips to get you started with email marketing. Even if you’ve been in the game for awhile, you’ll likely find at least a few tips you might not already know about. This is a great starting point for your email marketing education.

Marketing Automation

What’s a Conversion Worth?

Conversions are one of the clearest signs your marketing strategy is generating value for your company. However, how can you identify how much a particular conversion is worth, especially if it’s not the transaction itself?

Email Marketing

Why Marketing Automation Is the Future of Email Marketing

Marketing automation is the future of email marketing. Within 3 years, any business experiencing success with online sales will be using some form of marketing automation. Remember that you heard it here first.

Marketing Automation

Drip + Unbounce = Instant Access to Your Unbounce Leads

Drip's integration with Unbounce allows you, with just a few clicks, to add any information you collect via an Unbounce landing page to your Drip account.

Marketing Automation

Use Twitter Lead Gen Cards to Boost Your Drip Campaign (For Free)

Drip is a great tool for generating leads on your own website. In this short guide, I’ll show you how to take that lead generating power to Twitter and use your existing Drip Campaign to convert your followers into customers.

See how Drip will transform your online store.