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7 Apology Email Examples That’ll Help Inspire Your Own

Elton John got it right when he sang “sorry seems to be the hardest word.” According to research from Litmus, almost half of marketers don’t send corrections or apology emails after making some kind

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7 of The Best Upsell Email Examples We’ve Seen

Picture the scene: It’s been a long, busy day. So busy, in fact, that you didn’t have time to grab lunch. Famished, you make a beeline for the nearest burger joint. On autopilot, you order the

7 Creative Free Shipping Email Examples That’ll Double Your AOV

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7 Replenishment Email Examples That’ll Drive Repeat Purchases

Replenishable products are a marketer’s dream. Close the deal once, then enjoy months—or even years—of ongoing revenue with predictable buying frequencies. That’s an attractive business model.


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7 Post-Purchase Email Examples to Inspire Your Own

To run a successful ecommerce business you must build long-term relationships with customers. When you increase customer loyalty by just 7 percent, you increase customer lifetime value by more than

A Complete Guide to Ecommerce Email Workflows

Not getting the results you want from your email campaigns? Before you cover your standing desk with all the hair you’ve torn out while looking at your analytics, you should consider implementing

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7 Targeted Email Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

How do you produce emails that your audience will not only love but also act upon? That’s the burning question we all want an answer to. When you fail to send relevant, valuable emails, your audience