Zero in on Your Most Valuable Subscribers With Lead Scoring

In our tireless quest to supercharge Drip with features that help you send the right email to the right person at the right time, we are excited to announce that Lead Scoring is out of beta and available to every Drip customer.

Lead Scoring scores the interactions your subscribers take and calculates which prospects are progressing further through your sales funnel.

Use Lead Scoring to gauge who is a prospect and who has advanced to a full-fledged lead, and ensure you communicate with prospects, leads and customers in ways that engage and delight.

Once you enable Lead Scoring, your subscribers will have lead scores assigned based on their interactions with your website and emails.

Marketing automation lead scoring

We have more information on customizing your lead scoring in our knowledge base article.

Automation Rules

lead scoring automation rules

Here are a just a few things you can do with Lead Scoring and Automation Rules:

  • Send a one-off personalized follow-up email
  • Move from an educational email campaign to a lead nurturing campaign
  • Add hot leads to your or Pipedrive account

Sound awesome? Try it free for 3 weeks.