Make More Money with Your WordPress Membership Plugin: New AccessAlly + Drip Integration

How could AccessAlly, the only tag-based WordPress membership plugin, get any better? Well, a native integration with Drip is definitely one way to do just that.

New two-way integration makes it possible to automate communications in Drip based on the tags in AccessAlly, making for timely engagement with each member you have.

Just as Drip uses tags to create workflows, deploy email campaigns, and segment subscribers, AccessAlly uses tags to denote what actions members have taken.

As members of your online courses complete specific milestones, purchase another course, or show interest in an upsell, AccessAlly applies tags that can be used for deep Drip marketing automation.

Start squeezing the full potential from your WordPress membership plugin. Combine AccessAlly with a marketing automation tool that can further use those tags for deeper engagement and increased conversions (and more paying customers).

4 of Our Favorite AccessAlly + Drip Integration Benefits


A native two-way integration between Drip and AccessAlly means you can take the tags created in either platform and use them in the best way possible. And when these two platforms start talking with each other, it means you can automate the entire customer journey for easier engaging and upselling.

Here are a few of our favorite parts of this integration:


1. Save Time Segmenting


Ditch the days of manually applying tags, segmenting subscribers, and deploying email campaigns.

Save major time with the AccessAlly’s Course Creation Wizard. It automatically creates course pages and the necessary automation tags inside so you can focus on building bigger and better courses instead.


2. Automate Course Delivery


Now you can set up workflows that will automatically deliver courses based on a member’s actions.

If they complete one module of a course, for example, Drip can automatically send them the next one (along with a little celebratory message, of course).


3. Easily Add Tags to Users


Creating tags is a way to label what a subscriber or course member has done for later reference.

When someone completes a course, signs up for a course, or gets stuck somewhere in-between in AccessAlly, a tag denoting that action can be applied. By applying tags, you can segment and better personalize your communications so your users stay engaged and are more likely to keep converting.

For example, if someone has just completed a course, automatically send them a congratulatory email with a coupon for another related course. Cross-selling, up-selling, and helping members through their courses becomes easy when you have automated workflows sending timely emails.


4. Re-engage Inactive or Canceled Members


Because AccessAlly can apply tags to members if they’ve abandoned their course or have canceled their membership, you can now act quickly and try to recover these members.

Build workflows that automatically send re-engagement campaigns, promotional offers, or even feedback surveys. This crucial communication at a vital time could be enough to get more members back on board.

Deeper automation means your members will get the right message at the right time—right in their inbox. AccessAlly and Drip’s two-way integration means your members and marketing strategy will always stay in sync.

Feeling inspired by this latest integration? Let’s chat about it in the comments below.