Drip Shareable Workflows: Give (and Receive) the Gift of Proven Automation

At Drip, we love to share what’s working.

Success stories from our users. Email blueprints that let you borrow the exact words that get results.

And now, our engineers have added another way to make sharing incredibly easy: shareable workflows.

In just a few clicks, you can share any automation workflow you create—or install a workflow someone else has created.

That means no more rebuilding workflows you’ve already figured out once for clients or team members. Just click, share, and install.

And it means no more squinting at the screen and struggling to replicate a cool workflow another Drip superuser (like Jason Resnick or Brennan Dunn) has created.

You can share your workflow via a simple link, like this.

Or you can even embed it in a blog post or on your website, like this:

Pretty neat, right?

If you want to start filling your account with tested automation workflows right away, we’ve put together five of our favorites below. You can also set up a free Drip account if you don’t have one yet.

Click Here to Get 5 of Our Favorite Workflows

How Can You Use Shareable Workflows?

Anyone with a Drip account can share and install workflows. Just click into any workflow you’ve created, and you’ll see a Share button in the upper righthand corner.

From there, you have two options:

  1. Share your basic workflow structure (but not the content of your emails)
  2. Share your workflow and the content of any email campaigns and one-off emails inside the workflow

How much you share is up to you.

And on the flipside, if you’re the one installing a shared workflow, you can opt to import any shared content or just the workflow structure.

We hope this update helps you do a lot more with automation—in less time and with less frustration. Here are a few use cases to consider:

  • For everyone: Install tested workflows from the Drip team and other marketers in a couple of clicks. Once you’ve added a shared workflow to your account, you can make any edits you like. Start with a proven structure, then tweak the details so it’s perfect for your business.
  • For teams, agencies, and consultants: Have team members or clients working in a different Drip account (or sub account)? Now it’s incredibly easy to take workflows from one account and push them into a different account.
  • For marketing bloggers and educators: If you teach other people how to master email marketing and automation, this update gives you a powerful teaching tool. Give students and clients hands-on experience with automation best practices by sharing workflows back and forth.
  • For affiliates: We hope every product update we release saves you time or earns you revenue—but it’s not every update that makes you money as directly as this one. See that Install button on the embedded workflow above? That button pulls double duty as an affiliate link. Anyone who clicks your Install button and then purchases Drip will be credited to you as an affiliate sale, and your 30% commission will be on its way.

Click Here to Get 5 of Our Favorite Workflows

You can expect to see us sharing many more workflows with you in the months ahead—and of course, we’d love to see your workflows, too. Log in, try this feature, and leave a share link below to show off what you’ve built!

Any questions about this new feature? Ask us in the comments.