Hawke Media Maximizes What Drip Customers Can Do with ECRM-optimized Life-cycle Services

When it comes to creating the best marketing strategies for your online shop, you might not know where to start. You have to figure out who you’re talking to, what you’re saying, and how you’re reaching your customers (oh, and figure out when you’re gonna find all that time to do this)—all of which can be tricky to nail down for first-timers and seasoned marketers alike.

You don’t have resources to waste, and you want to have positive ROI from the get-go. One way to get a leg up is to team with an agency that knows how to navigate email marketing automation and digital marketing strategy in the ecommerce world.

One of our very own agency partners isn’t wasting any time when it comes to delivering big-growth results for their clients. Hawke Media is making waves as our first partner offering full Ecommerce CRM Life-cycle Services. Take a look at what they’re up to and the headaches they’re solving.

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Hawke Media and Drip Craft Tailored Ecommerce Solutions

We’ve partnered with Hawke Media to create marketing solutions that meet the needs of ecommerce clients using Drip. The agency has built an entire menu of life-cycle services optimized for the Drip ECRM platform and is now outfitted with offerings like:

  • Ecommerce strategy

  • Social media ads

  • Email marketing

  • Content and copy

  • Creative and beyond

When any of these facets are tailored to work seamlessly with Drip, clients can have total peace of mind that they’ve just ordered up a comprehensive ecommerce marketing plan that’ll set their brand apart from the competition. With total ECRM optimization, Hawke Media is able to help clients differentiate themselves online, better understand their customers, and thrive in the face of increasing competition. And when clients win, agencies win. Every. Single. Time.

"Having a platform like Drip to help streamline marketing efforts gives any brand a major competitive advantage. It creates efficiencies necessary to dramatically accelerate growth." 
— Marissa Jimenez, Director of Email Marketing, Hawke Media

Explore Hawke Media’s ECRM Life-cycle Services

If fast and focused ecommerce growth sounds right up your alley, connect with Hawke Media anytime. Their comprehensive ECRM Life-cycle Services are tailored to get the most out of every part of your ecommerce marketing strategy and Drip. When working with Hawke Media, rest-assured you’re working with a team that knows that the ecommerce industry is changing as we speak, and they know how to stay on top of it all.

"Our team is very busy, working to pull together ideas and content for all of our daily marketing needs. When it came to building out email marketing for our store, Hawke Media came in and was able to quickly knock out Welcome, Abandoned Cart, and Win-Back email campaigns that sounded just like they came from the team here.

Since Hawke has helped us create and start these strategies, we’ve seen our conversions go up in all three categories. We can always trust that the work Hawke Media does for us is on-brand and super effective while saving us tons of time."
— Gruntstyle, Hawke Client

Opportunity Awaits with Drip’s Agency Program

Announcing Hawke Media as our first ECRM Life-cycle Services partner is a pretty exciting milestone for both of our teams. A lot of opportunities lie ahead for Hawke Media and their clients, and we’re expecting them to smash every goal they set up thanks in part to our collaboration.

We put a lot of heart into partnerships like these. From collaboration to strategic support to marketing opportunities, we’re always looking for ways to help our partners succeed in both helping their clients as well as growing their agencies.

"Ecommerce strategy, content, and copy expertise are some of the top inhibitors to success for our clients.  Hawke’s proven expertise eliminates this challenge. I am very excited about Drip and Hawke helping our clients turn their aspirations into tangible outcomes." 
— Brian Allison, Drip VP Channels

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If you want to explore becoming a Drip Agency Partner, see what it’s all about here. We love hearing from people who are always thinking, innovating, and pushing digital marketing from what it’s always been to what it can become.