Features To Help Make Marketers Smarter and Faster

At Drip, we're driving toward our vision of revolutionizing ecommerce and transforming the customer experience from a cold, one to many into a warm, one to one more human experience. Our product updates help create those experiences, and the first half of 2020 was all about making marketers faster and smarter so they can focus on the fun stuff - like nurturing and driving that first purchase.  

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through 2020 (does it still feel like March to anyone else…?), in the past 6 months we’ve rolled out our in-house Drip for WooCommerce plugin, revamped email metrics to provide a single view of all Drip emails, released mission-critical Broadcast Split Testing so you can optimize every email to drive the best results, and made some major updates to the Broadcast builder to help people build emails more efficiently. 

Let’s take a look back at everything we rolled out in Q1 and Q2. 


A WooCommerce Integration To Write Home About 

With Drip’s native WooCommerce integration, WordPress users no longer need to manually install the Drip JS snippet, pay an additional $79 per year for the outdated plugin built by WooCommerce, or suffer from limited capabilities. The Drip for WooCommerce plugin is 100% free, with in-house support, and comes with the full power of Drip’s ecommerce marketing engine. 

Now through Drip, WooCommerce stores can: 


We love hearing from our customers about how WooCommerce + Drip made marketing easier for them (and made them more $$): 

"You guys really nailed it with the WooCommerce integration! Features like the abandoned cart, abandoned browse, and post-purchase workflows help drive more organic sales and grab those potential customers that I would have more than likely lost. As a 2X Drip customer, I love how simple you make things work for us online marketers. " - Jason Stallworth, The Muscle Program 


Drip Makes Being Data-Driven Look Fun

Email engagement and revenue metrics.

Optimizing email engagement remains a crucial functionality of Drip, and we realized that Drip users needed an easy way to view and export email metrics from Drip. In addition to providing a single view of ALL Drip email, Email Metrics displays aggregate reporting, including:

  • Total sends for specific date ranges and strategies
  • Average engagement rates for a specific date range
  • Average engagement rates for specific strategies

We know that we need to continually show our value to the marketers, strategists and decision-makers Drip supports. We launched a monthly Snapshot email to surface data to help drive your marketing strategy, so marketers who use Drip can celebrate (and show off) their hard work! Whether it’s open rates, order metrics, or revenue data, our goal is to help you make smart, data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy. Drip is here to help you celebrate what’s working and refine what’s not.

Build Email Smarter & Faster 

Streamlined Broadcast building experience with split testing capabilities.

Building and sending Broadcasts in Drip got a whole lot better in Q2. We made several usability enhancements so Dripsters can create engaging content quickly and effectively. A major enhancement includes a streamlined Broadcast building experience that bubbles up recommended recipients to increase engagement and decrease the risk of brand fatigue. 

You can’t learn which strategies drive engagement and sales if you don’t test… and you can’t test without split testing. Broadcast Split Testing lets you optimize all of your subject lines, preheaders, and email content to increase email engagement and drive more revenue for your brand. 

The new Broadcast experience allows you to seamlessly: 

  • Choose a recommended audience to send to from within the builder, or customize your own without leaving the email building experience (don’t worry, you have the option to dismiss the recommendations and select a saved Segment or build your own).

  • Split test subject lines, pre-headers, calls to action, and discounts or deals in your Broadcast email to optimize every single message.

In addition to creating a streamlined Broadcast building experience, we created Visual Email Builder (VEB) Templates to provide a place to start building emails quickly–no matter what kind of email you want to send (Broadcast, Campaign, or Automation).

Visual Email Builder Templates.

Segmentation Made Easier 

Feeling overwhelmed by how to sort your list? We know that segmentation can feel complicated and challenging, and we made some updates to Segments to help.  

  • Default Segments so you don’t have to start building Segments from scratch. 

  • The Segment builder organizes Campaign and Automation emails better, and you can search the dropdown by Workflow or Campaign. 

  • Segment by product information. 

Last but not least, we added another prebuilt ecommerce marketing strategy: a Win-back Strategy to help you win back previous purchasers by re-engaging customers who aren’t purchasing again. Read our 3 step guide and watch the video to learn how to implement this strategy for your store and get sales from people who have purchased in the past. At its core, this is segmentation made easier—with the bonus of making you smarter and more efficient! 


Get Smarter and More Efficient with Drip

Every feature we optimize, revamp, and create is made with you in mind. From exciting new integrations like WooCommerce, to usability enhancements in the Broadcast builder, to small wins like Templates and Segments made easier, we’re working to make marketing easier and less of a headache for you every step of the way. 

As for what’s next… get ready to connect with your customers via text message! That’s right. A whole new channel for you to leverage the power of Drip.