Big, Beautiful Email Creator. Big-time Time-savers. And More Big Things for Your Big Success [Drip Updates]

drip product updates

We’ve been pounding Red Bulls, slamming back snacks, and intently listening to what our users need from us to find even more success with their online businesses.

We got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s hop right into all the updates inside Drip from the last three months. Push play on the video, then get more details from all the words below it.


Did You Hear About the New Visual Email Builder?

If you follow along with Drip, the odds are strong that you’ve heard us gab about our Visual Email Builder. It’s been in Beta for a few weeks now, and it’s about to make its metamorphosis into full-on 1.0.

You all put it through the wringer during its time in Beta, and you bet we’ve been listening to every bit of feedback. We don’t want to give you just any email builder. We really want to give you the best one on the planet. So, we’ve already made some tweaks to do just that:

  • Universal Header and Footer Updates

Made a change to your header or footer that you’re really pleased with? We’ll automatically scour the rest of your Visual emails, identify which ones have a similar header or footer, and ask if you want to make the same changes across all of them.

Displaying 6-27-18 - Change Header-Footer in VEB.png

Of course you don’t have to update any of them if you don’t want, but if you do want to make universal edits, this feature will save you a bunch of time by doing it for you.

  • Inspired Emails and Useful Templates

Have you been inspired by an email you made recently? That’s awesome. Now you can recreate the magic by making new emails based off of emails you already love. Or you could pick from a menu of email templates designed by our in-house pros. Either way, now you don’t have to create every new visual email from scratch,


Wow, Drip Is even Easier to Use

We’re perpetually making Drip the easiest automation platform to use. Ever. Period. We’ll never stop making this the best experience possible, and this round of updates was no exception. See what we’ve been up to when it comes to helping you save time and energy in the app.

Let’s kick off with a frequently requested feature: You can now reference event properties directly via Liquid inside of workflows. You’ve been able to do this in rules for a while now, but being able to do it in workflows means you can do things like sending intelligent abandoned cart emails without setting up a rule that scrapes cart data into custom fields first.



The basic logic is that Liquid will reference whatever the most recently referenced trigger/goal in a workflow is. That means if a certain workflow path has three different event types that can trigger it, you may need to create conditional statements that cover each potential case.

And when it comes to your email metric exports, we’ve added a few new columns to help tie your automated emails back to the rule or workflow that sent it in the first place.



It's now possible to reference order data in Liquid off of any event that has “order_id” in its properties, like Shopify Order created. This enables powerful automations, like the ability to create a re-order link that will automatically build a Shopify shopping cart populated with the items of a previous order. Our customer is already planning to leverage this. We’re very excited for them.

Liquid example:

<insert your store name>[email]=&checkout[shipping_address][first_name]=&checkout[shipping_address][last_name]=&checkout[shipping_address][address1]=&checkout[shipping_address][address2]=&checkout[shipping_address][city]=&checkout[shipping_address][zip]=

We’ve also made it possible for Shopify users to use the properties of a checkout event to trigger automations. Before this update, you had to set up a “Drip > Performed a Custom Event” trigger, then type in "Order created" just to get those filter options.

We cut out all those fussy steps, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like how slick and intuitive this update is.



And, last of all, we’ve done a deep clean of our Liquid error codes. Using Liquid in your emails can be tricky, but it only got trickier if you were met with one of our error codes. You might have felt lost. Doomed, even.

Well, now you won’t. We’ve updated roughly 20 different error codes and distilled them from complex gobbeldy-gook to human-readable messages. Feast your eyes:


Before: HTML body contains invalid Liquid syntax: Liquid syntax error: Variable '{{ events.asdf }' was not properly terminated with regexp: /\}\}/

After: Whoops! Variable '{{ event.asdf }' needs '}}' at the end.

(Whew, that feels better.)

GDPR Compliance (Cont’d.)

If you were online in May, you were probably overcome by the wave of GDPR-compliance rigamarole. Your inboxes were stuffed with ToS updates, notes about the GDPR, and more. And if you’re a marketer, you were definitely figuring out how to become GDPR-compliant yourself.

After its debut in May, our own EU Compliance feature set for GDPR is alive and kickin’. There's a lot to this, including the ability to add a compliance statement checkbox to forms. In order to be fully GDPR-compliant, you need to sign our Data Processing Addendum, which is available in our Knowledge Base here.

For more info on all that the EU Compliance feature set can do, please check out the documentation by clicking here.

Keep up the Good Work, Everybody

That’s right—good job, everyone. That’s all of you. Any and all of our updates are made with you in mind. That means we’re looking to where you’re getting stuck or frustrated, then we set out to fix it. So keep speaking up and bringing us your ideas.

Together, we’ll keep making the best dang ecommerce CRM the world has ever seen.