Sweet Stuff for Ecommerce Stores, Amped up Ease-of-Use, and the GDPR [Drip Updates]

Drip ECRM January/February Feature Releases

There are a lot of big landmarks on our 2018 road map, and here are a few you should definitely pull over for and check out.

The product team at Drip has been churning out updates that will have you getting more done in less time, selling more from your ecommerce store, and dodging issues with the impending GDPR.

Ready to see what’s fresh and new? Let’s go.

Getting Stuff Done Faster Is Serious Business

Your time is valuable. You’re working on curating inventory, keeping up with finances, maybe even managing a bustling hive of employees. You don’t have all day to click around the web, which is why we’ve cut the clicks and made things a bit easier for you in Drip.

Add Filters to Workflow Triggers

You asked. We listened. We made a hotly requested feature into sweet reality. You can now add filter criteria directly to workflow triggers—previously only possible by creating rules or building workarounds using “decision” nodes in workflows.

Improved Google Analytics Integration with Drip

Drip’s Google Analytics integration was tuned and refined so that it’s easier to use and harder to break. UTM tags will no longer be added in the hyperlink text field directly to avoid accidental overwrites. Instead, they'll be automatically appended when the email is sent. For troubleshooting purposes, you can view tags when previewing or sending a test email.

Saved Segments Are Easier to Read

Saved segments used to look like a sloppy stew of criteria and filters, which made it hard to identify especially specific segments. Now, when opening a saved segment, your filter criteria displays in a human-readable format to free up real estate and make it easier to identify and return to.

Filter People by Email Activity

Until now, you’ve been busy weeding out people who haven’t clicked on X number of your emails—otherwise known as email inactivity. Now you have the freedom to filter people by how much they’re engaging with your emails instead of not. This is great for identifying highly engaged people and hot prospects.

Searchable Tags

Have a stockpile of seemingly millions of tags in your account? You don't have to dread the days of endless scrolling anymore—searchable tags are here! 

Clearer Segmentation Logic

Isn't it nice when the clouds part, the fog clears, and a beacon of clarity peeps through? Yeah, we love it, too. Which is why we made Drip’s segmentation logic clearer for less confusion and questioning. 

More specifically, if you add an "Events performed" filter and select "after,” it will now include only events performed on the day after what you select, e.g., "after March 1" means March 2 or beyond.

Previously, "after" included the day selected, which caused some confusion. Any customers with segments using the old criteria will now see "on or after" as their selection, but going forward, only "after" will be available.

Relevant Resources at Your Fingertips

Drip’s Knowledge Base is stuffed to the gills with how-to guides, videos, and answers you’re probably looking for. To help improve your support experience, you’ll now see articles relevant to the part of the app you’re in pop up when you go to contact support.

Of course you can still reach out to support if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, but we believe being more proactive in helping you out is always helpful.

More Money to Be Made Online with Drip

No matter what you’re selling online—from handmade goods to webinars and classes and ebooks—Drip will help you understand who your customers are and what they’re up to, which leads to more customer loyalty, more conversions, and more money.

That’s why we’re excited to unfurl some new features fit for increasing revenue and growing your ecommerce business.

Powerful Segmentation for Shopify Orders

For customers using Drip's Shopify integration, powerful (and fast) segmentation is now possible on Orders. For example, you can now create a segment of customers who have placed one or more orders in the last 30 days with amounts totalling between $50 and $100.

We plan to roll out Order support for our other top ecomm and payment integrations like Stripe, SamCart, Gumroad, and more in the coming months.

Filter by Order Dollar and Item Amounts

It's now possible to filter order triggers by the dollar amount and number of items in an order. This is useful if you want to further personalize interactions with customers who placed large orders (think extra-thankful thank-yous, for example).

More Shopify Order Details in Customer Activity Feeds

See a customer’s whole story for even more personalization and segmentation opportunities. This fresh feature lets you expand new orders coming into Drip from Shopify.

Click into a customer's activity feed and be blown away by the nitty gritty detail you can see now. We’re planning to extend this feature to more cart and payment integrations in the coming months (so, keep your peepers peeled).

An Integration for Homegrown Ecommerce Platforms

For customers with homegrown ecommerce platforms, it is now possible to integrate with Drip's new Order segmentation and automation functionality using our Orders API. This includes the ability to reference order fields via liquid, e.g. {{ event.order.shipping_address.address_1 }}. 

Want to get into the nitty gritty? Scope out the API documentation for this fresh feature.

An Easier Way to Title Abandoned Cart Emails

To make adding product titles and prices to Shopify "Abandoned Cart" emails easier, Checkout events now pass through "title," as well.

Our “Dollar Signs Everywhere” Mission

As part of our “dollar signs everywhere” mission, it’s now possible to select a default currency for an account. This feature is for display purposes only, and will not perform any conversion calculations. For example, if a customer sets this to Euro, records several purchases or conversions, then changes it back to USD, the numbers we display will not change.

Filters for Incoming GDPR-compliance

We’re only a few weeks away from the GDPR—Europe’s new data protection regulations—going into full effect. We’ve mentioned our new time zone filter before, but wanted to reiterate that it’s here as an option if you have European customers and are working toward GDPR-compliance.

As a reminder: The EU's Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes fines of 10 million Euro and up for non-compliance, and applies to any Drip customer who has information about even a single EU citizen. For those who don't intentionally do business with the EU and want to avoid becoming GDPR-compliant, it is now possible to filter people whose time zones map to Europe.

Note, however, that there are many ways the filter would fail to identify an EU citizen, e.g., they're traveling outside the EU, their time zone isn't available in their browser, they're subscribed via third-party integration or API that doesn't provide time zone data, etc. That said, it represents our best ability to reduce GDPR audit risk on behalf of our customers.

There is still more to come on the GDPR from Drip before the May 25 deadline, including assistance with opt-in checkboxes on forms.


GDPR Update: Since this post was first published, we've launched several features to help you on your GDPR-compliance journey. You can do things like add checkboxes to opt-in forms, craft consent copy that will show up wherever you need it to, send double-opt-in confirmation emails, and more.

Check out our comprehensive Knowledge Base article about the GDPR-friendly tools you can find inside of Drip right now.

Drip, GDPR, and You

2018 Is Only Going to Get Sweeter

The 2018 product road map is littered with big goals over here to help you meet your big goals over there. Whether you plan on hopping right into your Shopify integration or filtering your next global email by time zone, we hope these updates make your ecommerce email marketing a little swifter and a little more delightful.