[Drip Updates] Features Fit to Help Ecommerce Stores Gain Deeper Customer Understanding in Q3

At Drip, the first half of 2019 was all about people—the real, live folks who are coming by your ecommerce store every day. As we round out of Q3, it’s clear we’re taking people pretty seriously around here. This past quarter was all about helping your store engage with and understand people even better. 

In the past few months, we’ve revamped Customer Profiles to give you deeper insight into the people who love you, rolled up our sleeves to give our Visual Email Builder a fresh coat of paint, and released a handful of improvements to make your ecommerce marketing easier. 

Let’s take a look back at everything we rolled out in Q3. 

Understand Your Customers, Build Better Experiences

To build a strong relationship with someone, you have to understand what makes them tick — what they’re interested in, how they engage with you, and what influences their behavior. 

Our redesigned Customer Profiles are here to help you understand more about everyone who’s shopping with you. We’ve broken down all the data you have on your customers (there’s a lot!), and we’ve organized it in a way that makes sense for ecommerce. 

Each Customer Profile will now show you:

  • Who they are 

  • What they’ve ordered and what they’re interested in 

  • How they’re engaging with your brand 

  • And how their activity is growing your business 

Each profile features an activity timeline to help you quickly understand the touchpoints people have experienced with your brand. Easily see how your marketing strategies influence customer behavior, how frequently folks are visiting your site, and how often they’re placing orders. 

Add More Impact to Your Emails with Fresh Visual Email Builder Features

Despite the ever-growing landscape of digital channels, sending personalized email continues to be an effective way to help you build relationships with your customers and drive revenue into your business.

Sending beautifully personalized email to your customers builds authentic people-centric relationships and drives revenue for your business. A memorable email recognizes and remembers people and what they’re into. Making tailored emails at scale sounds like a lot of work, though—until now. 

Through the past quarter, we’ve made a number of enhancements to our Visual Email Builder to make it easier than ever to build dynamic and impactful emails. 

You can now:

  • Easily optimize your email to display on a mobile device

  • Search your image library by file name

  • Drag and drop images from your desktop into the image uploader

  • Quickly add a product from your catalog into an email

  • Edit Sender Name, Subject Line, and Preheader copy within the builder and in line with the email content

  • And more!

Drive Purchase Behavior with Top-selling Products, Personalized Recommendations, and Price Drop Notification Emails

Earlier this year, we rolled out dynamic personalized Recommendations, Top-selling Products, and Price Drop notifications in Drip emails for Shopify users. Today, all of these features are available for Magento users and any store that integrates through Drip’s Shopper Activity API

Adding Top-selling Products and tailored Product Recommendations is a great way to introduce your customers to more of the products you offer and drive first and repeat purchases. Here are a couple ways we love to use them:

  • Top-selling products can be used to introduce new customers to the most popular items in your store. Think: People who have opted to receive marketing and have browsed your site, but haven’t made a purchase.

  • Top-selling products can create a sense of urgency (and FOMO). Think: These items are HOT! Get them before they’re gone!

  • Including personalized Recommendations in a post-purchase workflow email can encourage repeat purchase and drive retention in first-time buyers. Think: Showing off a complementary sweatshirt to a T-shirt someone just picked up.

On average, more than 70% of shopping carts are abandoned when people shop online. Automatically sending price drop notifications is an effective strategy to recapture all those lost customers. By notifying people when an item in their cart drops in price, you’ll encourage them to return to your store and complete their purchase.

Ready to take advantage of Top Selling, Recommendations, and Price Drop notifications? You’ll need to connect to our Product Activity endpoint

Kick off Workflows with More Trigger Options

Workflows enable ecommerce sellers to engage with people at the most impactful moments in their shopping journeys. Since workflows have been around, brands have been triggering workflows based on actions people take, such as opening an email or visiting a specific page four times. 

These behavior-based automations ensure shoppers receive the most relevant messaging from your brand at the most relevant time. To improve the roster of behavior-based automation opportunities, we’ve added the “Entered a Segment” workflow trigger.


When this trigger is applied, a person who enters the chosen “Saved Segment” will start the workflow within 24 hours.

Heads up: The “Entered a Segment” trigger is only available in workflows. It’s not available as a rule trigger or workflow goal.

Speaking of workflows, we’ve also added the ability to delete a Delay or Action node in a workflow, even if people are active in those nodes.



Before this feature add, you could only delete a node in a workflow if no one was active in that node. This criteria limited how much a marketer could optimize their workflows on-the-fly.

To make tweaking and optimizing customer experiences a cinch, we’ve dumped the old limitations and you’re now free to delete Actions and Delays when you need. Now you can rest-assured that your most revenue-driving campaigns are in play.

Keep People’s Subscription Preferences Updated

Have a custom subscription management page? You can now update a person's subscription status through Drip's REST API. In addition to allowing people to unsubscribe from commercial mailings via the API, you can now re-subscribe them when they opt back in.

Earn More Customer Loyalty with Drip Ecommerce CRM

Every feature we optimize, refresh, create, and unveil is made with you in mind. From improved Customer Profiles, to purchase-driving enhancements in the Visual Email Builder, to small adds like workflow triggers, we're working to empower online stores that need a way to provide their customers with the personalized experiences they deserve.

We're always heading toward our vision of revolutionizing ecommerce and transforming it from a cold, sales-pushing journey into a warm, more human experience. And these product updates help create those experiences.


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