Drip Feature Update: Reusable Snippets, Shareable Workflows, and More

You might still be reeling from how awesome June’s product updates were. If that’s the case, hold onto your hats ‘cause July’s updates are just as neat.

From embeddable shareable workflows to content snippets for emails, we want to make Drip as efficient to use as possible. Check out all we’ve put together for July.

Bob can fill you in on what we’ve been working on in the video above, or you can read on to get a taste for all that’s waiting for you inside of Drip this month.

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Embed Shareable Drip Workflows

We unveiled shareable workflows last month and it was received with wide-open arms. The ability to share your Drip workflows across teams and to colleagues, friends, prospects, and more takes the versatility of this tool to an entirely new level.

Are you still cooking up ways you can use shareable workflows? (Us too.) Well, the opportunities are about to get even more endless as we went ahead and made shareable workflows embeddable. That’s right—they’re now even easier to share.

Along with a link to install a workflow, you can embed a visual of your entire workflow by using a snippet of HTML code. This allows you to share your workflows virtually anywhere on the web.

Do More with Fewer Clicks

While Drip is already a joy to navigate, we wanted to make your trip around the site a little more efficient. Who doesn’t want to click a little less while they’re working?

First, let’s look at your subscriber list view. To save you from having to click on a subscriber or filter specifically by tag, we’ve made it possible to display up to four custom fields right in subscriber list view.

Click into the cog icon and scroll through your list of tags, then select up to four of them to be displayed.

subscriber tags

This gives you a fast, detailed, and sortable glimpse of your contacts all in one place.

We also made it possible to narrow your subscribers to a custom segment and perform an action with that segment right inside the subscriber list page. You no longer have to click through to the bulk operations page—simply click on the new “Perform an action” option right on the subscriber list page.

Save Time with Content Snippets

Content snippets are custom Liquid tags that can be applied to email. If you find yourself constantly writing the same content in your emails—signoffs, signatures, company news—you could save some serious time with this update.

Read more about how to make and implement content snippets here.

By allowing you to add content to emails with simple Liquid shorthand codes, gone are the days of copying and pasting the same content across all of your emails.

Whenever you change the content of your snippet in the future, that content is changed moving forward, wherever you’ve placed that snippet, in any Drip workflow or campaign for any new messages that are sent.

That means you can update webinar registration links, company information, special product promotion links, and so much more, in multiple locations—all from one place.

Manage Tags from One Page

Finally, we’ve added the ability to add, edit, merge, or delete tags across your account from one location in Drip. Have a tag that’s no longer useful? Just delete it from all subscribers in your account.

Used two versions of a tag at one point and want all your subscribers to have the same version of that tag? Just merge them together and the edit will ripple through your subscriber list updating everyone at once.

Below is a screenshot of two tags about to merge into one. Instead of having to keep track of multiple tags for demos, it’s now possible to see all the demo tags under one tag name in this example.


Drip Updates Keep on Coming

While our fellow Minnesotans keep soaking up the summer sun, we’ll keep playing in our veritable Drip sandbox and building the coolest updates of the season.

We’re always looking for ways to make using Drip swifter than ever, and our July product updates are a few ways that make that possible. Ready to take Drip for a spin? Try it for free (forever).

Give Drip a Whirl

Have a great idea for an embeddable shareable workflow? Will being able to do more on one page save you time? Let us know in the comments below.