Drip Product Update: Search Top-Level Features, Easily Add Preheader Text, and More

This month’s product updates are a lot like the cowbell that lines the melody of every truly respectable rock song; they’re small in nature, but they contribute so much to the overall Drip experience.

Check out how the folks at Drip have been cranking away on making the Drip experience easier and more efficient.

August’s updates can help save you some serious time, which means you can spend less time digging around your Drip account and more time growing your business.

Let’s dive in.

1. All Top-level Drip Features Are Searchable

You can now easily find exactly what you’re looking for in Campaigns, Broadcasts, Forms, Workflows, and Basic Rules.

A search bar has been built into the top right corner of each of these pages in your Drip account. Tired of poring over your long list of email broadcasts to find the one you wrote a year ago? Simply head to the search bar and type in the title of the email you’re looking for.

Once you hit “enter,” you’ll be met with a list of emails that match your description for the swiftest searchability yet.

2. Write Preheader Text to Help Boost Open Rates

The email preheader includes the text that follows your subject line. It’s a great place to expand on your subject line or talk about a tempting offer inside of your email. However you use it, it’s one way to add a little context and intrigue to your emails to help boost open rates.

In the image below, I’ve made my subject line sweet and simple, but my preheader text is where I mention my offer.

preheader email text

Try to keep your preheader text around 40–60 characters or else you risk cutting your preheader text short (especially if people are viewing it on a mobile device). Also, write copy that’s different than your subject line to get the most out of your preheader potential.

3. Choose from Actions Compatible with Your CRM with Scoped Actions

Scoped actions let you see only the actions that are compatible with your CRM. Before this update, you could select an action from the drop-down menu, but it wasn’t always an action that worked with your CRM.

With scope actions, first choose your CRM from the drop-down menu on the left, then choose a workflow action from the menu on the right. The menu options on the right are automatically updated according to which CRM you chose on the left.

In the example below, I chose Drip as my CRM, so the action menu on the right will only show me the appropriate available actions for Drip.

scoped actions

However, if I were to choose Insightly as my CRM, the action menu would show me different options.

With these three new product updates, you can find what you’re looking for a little bit faster, increase your open rates with some alluring preheader text, and choose from a workflow actions menu that automatically updates when you select your CRM.

We hope you enjoy using Drip’s August updates as much as we enjoyed building them.

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Have an idea for how to make the most out of preheader text? Have a question about scoped actions? We’re ready to help in the comments below.