Drip + Kajabi: Sell More Courses and Content by Keeping Your List Engaged Automatically

Kajabi is a content platform designed especially for course and info-product creators—and those creators love them for it. It’s one of the software services I’ve been hearing the most praise for in the past year, and we’ve even used it on the Drip and Leadpages team to host interactive courses.

That’s one reason we’re excited to announce a full native integration between Drip and Kajabi. If you’ve been waiting for this to get started with Drip, click below to set up your account:

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And we’ve got something special for you to celebrate this integration. Join Kajabi using this link and you’ll get a 30% discount on your membership—for as long as you stay a member. Click the link and then click “Get Started” to see your savings.

Here’s why we think Drip + Kajabi is such a good combination …


What’s Cool About Kajabi

Kajabi sets out to provide an all-in-one place to create, sell, manage, and market online courses and other digital products (think ebooks, coaching programs, and other kinds of premium content). It especially shines as a platform to distribute your content to your customers by setting up your own members-only content and community portal.

Using Kajabi, you can…

Create custom, multimedia course and lesson pages: Kajabi makes accessing your course content a pleasure for your customers whether you’re offering text-based lessons, image-heavy how-tos, or videos, and they can comment and get responses inside the app. The back end is as straightforward to use as the member portal is beautiful.

Sample lesson modules inside Kajabi

Release sequential content to members over time: If you’re delivering one course module per day or per week, Kajabi will make sure members get the right content on schedule.

Sell digital products and collect payments: Kajabi has a built-in payment widget powered by Stripe, so you can truly sell your content from right inside the platform.

Access a suite of basic marketing tools such as signup pages, opt-in forms, and an email system: You can also promote your courses using Kajabi’s built-in lead-gen and sales resources.

That said, marketing your courses gets even more powerful when you link your Kajabi account with Drip’s automation tools. Here’s how.

How to Use Drip + Kajabi Together

There are a few basic ways to integrate Drip with Kajabi:

  1. Collect leads from your Kajabi forms and pages and send them into your sophisticated Drip workflows.
  2. Maintain and upgrade your relationship with your Kajabi customers by feeding them into Drip nurture sequences.
  3. Trigger Drip messages based on pageviews in Kajabi.

If you’re already a Drip user, integrating Kajabi lets you add your courses and content on top of the campaigns and workflows that are already working for you in Drip, without having to start over from scratch.

On the flipside, if you’re already a Kajabi user, integrating Drip lets you apply powerful automation tools such as lead scoring, list pruning, and trigger-based messaging to the leads and customers you’ve acquired with Kajabi.

For instance, as a course creator, you could …

  1. Collect email subscribers from your Drip widget and from your Kajabi pages.
  2. Let Drip send those subscribers an email mini course to give them a taste of your educational content.
  3. End your mini course with a pitch for your Kajabi course.
  4. Have Kajabi apply a tag in Drip when customers purchase.
  5. Have Drip move those customers from a lead-nurture sequence to a customer-nurture sequence.
  6. Expand and repeat as you acquire new leads and introduce more products.

One really nice thing: you can have Kajabi apply any Drip tag you like to contacts who opt in via Kajabi. This is extremely useful if you offer multiple courses or info products and want to route leads to a custom nurture sequence depending on where they opted in.

And it’s especially useful if you want to take advantage of one of the biggest opportunities in info marketing: upsells and cross-sells. You can present these offers in Kajabi and reinforce them in Drip, working from a knowledge of what customers have and haven’t already seen.

You can add to that knowledge by adding your Drip tracking code to the pages you create in Kajabi, such as your thank-you pages. If you have any pageview-triggered rules in Drip, integrating Kajabi means you have even more ways to act based on what your contacts are doing.

Watch as our own Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins demonstrates how the Drip tracking code works with Kajabi:


Get Started Selling More of What You Know with Drip + Kajabi

You can connect your Drip and Kajabi accounts easily inside your Kajabi dashboard. First, you’ll need to enable the integration by pasting your Drip API key and account ID into Kajabi. Then, you can choose which Kajabi forms you’d like to use to send leads to Drip—and which Drip tags those forms should apply.

inside Kajabi integration screen

Kajabi has just released a great video tutorial on linking your Kajabi account to Drip—click to see how to do it step by step.

Then, if you’re not already a Drip member, dive in below:

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We’d love to hear from any Kajabi users in the audience: what are you doing in Kajabi? Any questions or ideas about using it with Drip? Tell us in the comments.