Drip + Instapage: Nurture Your Instapage Leads with Marketing Automation


Instapage is a landing page platform that makes it simple to create and optimize highly-converting opt-in pages. With this integration, you can now send every lead you collect through your landing page to a Drip campaign.

First, set up the integration using Instapage’s webhooks. Click here for a step-by-step guide in our Knowledge Base.

Once you’ve created the connection, you’ll see your new subscribers in Drip, and each of them will have the “Submitted a landing page” event.

You can run Automation Rules to subscribe your leads to a campaign, record a conversion or apply a tag.

This integration lets you use Instapage to power your lead generation (drive webinar signups, promote a free chapter of your ebook, or build your pre-launch list to name a few examples). And once they’re in Drip, you can nurture your new subscribers to a conversion.

Not a Drip user, but ready to start nurturing your Instapage leads with Drip? You should definitely sign up for a Drip account.