Drip Ecommerce CRM Hits the Shopify App Store

Shopify and Drip are best buds. Confidants. Maybe even soulmates. As friendly as we’ve been, we finally took things a step further. Drip Ecommerce CRM is now a native integration in the Shopify App Store. 

Drip has been proud of its Shopify integration for a while now, but the bond between ecommerce and ECRM has never been stronger than this very moment in time. With more people than ever setting up online stores and the customer relationship evolving, it’s critical for budding brands to provide the best customer journeys possible.

With personalized, timely, and tailored journeys from site to email to social media, Shopify stores will stand out with customers. See how this native integration unites customer data in your Shopify store with your ecommerce marketing channels in one swift integration.

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Easily Collect, Organize, and Use Shopify Data in Your Marketing

Your Shopify store is a gateway to heaps of information about your customers. From what they buy or don’t buy, to what products they look at, how often they visit your site, and beyond, your store is a great pathway to customer understanding.

With Drip’s native integration straight from the Shopify App Store, it’s never been easier to start gathering that data from that gold mine, organizing it right in Drip, and using it to create custom experiences across all your marketing channels.

Discover Insights to Personalize Every Customer Experience

Popping in this integration means you can finally start personalizing the buyer journey for each of your customers. See what people are up to in your store, then tailor each customer experience based on the actions they take. Glean insights that used to go unseen, then use them to hit customers with timely, relevant, and meaningful messaging.

With each personalized email or related ad along the buyer journey, people start to trust your store more and more. As you continue to remember customers and recognize their commitment to your store, your brand will build meaningful relationships that make your store stand out from the competition. 

All of this paying attention and personalization leads to more repeat purchases and long-term customer loyalty— a win for your store and a (biiiiig) win for the customers.

Use Shopify Data Across Your Marketing Channels

The details your customers are giving you have so much potential to build better experiences beyond email. While email is still a customer’s preferred channel for brands to reach them, it’s just part of the experiential puzzle. 

A full-color experience relays a similar meaningful message from the inbox to Instagram to text messages and even snail mail (postcards, ya know). When connected with Drip Ecommerce CRM, Shopify stores can reach and engage with more people than ever across more channels.

The Shopify App Store Addition We Need for Today’s Ecommerce

As online stores have evolved, so have online consumers. Shopify has revolutionized ecommerce by giving anyone the tools they need to start selling online. And now, with our place in the Shopify App Store, Drip ECRM is revolutionizing ecommerce marketing.

Tap into all the data your Shopify store has to offer, then use Drip to craft the most memorable customer experiences ever.

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