Calling All Goal-hungry, Big-thinking Agencies: Drip Is Changing the Agency Partnership Game

You’re no stranger to the power of a partnership. After all, your schedule is stocked with drawing up strategies, welcoming new clients, finding fresh solutions, and telling folks how hard their investment is working to grow their business—all because of the partnerships you’ve built with your clients.

If your goals include anything like adding more clients and heftier retainers to your roster anytime soon, it might help to have a partner of your own that can take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Drip’s Agency Program is Here For You

This Agency Partnership Program isn’t for everybody. It’s for innovators. Forward-thinkers who know full-well that any online marketing tactic more than a year old is more dead weight than real strategy. Goal-hungry folks who get a rush every time a client says, “Wow, you can do that?”

We’re excited to team up with agencies that push what doing business online means today while supporting them along the way. Are you up for one heckuva partnership? Read on and see what our Agency Program can do for your own agency.

A True Partnership (Not a Do-it-yourself-ship)

Too many companies will try to wrap you up in a partnership deal, only to leave you on your own when the ball actually starts rolling or a question comes up.

That’s not us. We’re a pretty likeable bunch, and leaving people out to dry isn’t very cool.

We built this program to help agencies understand Drip ECRM, implement the game-changing platform, and see big-time success with their clients. We put ourselves in your shoes to craft a program that helps agencies grow with Drip at their own pace, so they’ll always be ready for the next level of this partnership.

Our agency partners get access to a specially curated collection of resources, plus we’ll help answer any questions that come to mind when you set up your account and start exploring the platform.

As your agency grows with Drip, we’ll keep you on top of what’s happening. Whether it’s a demo of what’s possible, a chat with support, or the chance to market your agency to Drip’s customers, you’ll never be left to figure it out on your own.

Like we said, it’s a Grade A, genuine partnership. Just like you deserve.

Perks for Agency Partners

The more an agency grows with Drip, the bigger the opportunities become. From your first days of getting acquainted with the power of Drip to your first success stories with clients, you’ll have the opportunity to reap some sweet benefits.

In addition to things like demos and chat supports, thriving agencies will be given opportunities like these as a part of the Agency Program:

  • Comprehensive One-on-one Drip Training
    Get a solid understanding of everything Drip can do in the context of how your agency works. We don’t think partnerships are one-size-fits-all, which is why we work hard to get your agency comfy with Drip to meet its own unique goals.  

  • A Handsome Drip Partner Badge
    As you fine-tune your Drip prowess, get an official Drip Partner Badge that’ll let prospective clients know your agency is the real deal and can do some truly next-level marketing and automation.

  • Joint Marketing Opportunities
    Joint content, events, and advertising opportunities are just some of the ways we invest in your agency’s success with your clients and Drip’s.

  • Joint Selling at Its Best
    Never sweat another pitch again. To help win over your clients with what’s possible in Drip, we’ll outfit your agency with customized demos, references from other happy customers, and account implementation for qualifying customers (including making sure all their integrations are go).

  • Revenue Share
    Every level of the Agency Program gets a piece of the revenue pie. The more business you bring in, the bigger your share will be.

  • Success Managers at Your Side
    When your agency evolves with Drip ECRM, we want to help you rest assured you’re doing everything right. You’ll get a dedicated ECRM Success Manager who’ll mentor you from just getting settled into your account through extended training, best practices, and updates in our product and road map.

A Partnership Agencies Fall in Love With

Agencies are finding that a partnership with Drip is helping them and their clients stay on top of changing technology while getting closer to customers—both of which are big advantages today, when tech is rapidly changing and customers are craving more human interactions.

Our latest agency partners are already feeling the advantages of the Agency Program. In fact, they tossed a few kind words our way. They’re already saying things like—

"We are huge fans of Drip. It is extremely powerful without being too complex. The pricing is competitive. Advanced features like building dynamic Facebook audiences or tying into your customer data platform via the API make it an extremely compelling offer. Pricing, features, and dependable support make pitching to our clients a slam dunk."

Big Tree Marketing

Or a li'l something like this—

"Hawke Media is excited to partner with Drip to elevate our automated email marketing efforts and stand out in the inbox. As a leader in the email marketing tech space, Drip allows companies to easily track user data, profile by engagement habits, and target users with well-timed, highly relevant messaging."

Hawke Media

Whatever gains you see after enrolling in this program, we have a feeling you’ll have some similar words on your mind.

How to Become a Drip Agency Partner

We thought you might like the sound of this partnership. We think you’ll also like how simple it is to become a part of it. Here’s all you have to do to sign up:

  • Click the big pink button below.

Sign up for Drip’s Agency Program

You’ll answer six very easy questions, like what your name is and what your agency is called, then submit the form.

The form will bounce around the internet for a second before landing in the hands of our team at Drip. We’ll get pretty excited about the chance to work with you, maybe do a little dance, and we’ll reach out to talk about this great new partnership ASAP.

Sound easy? It is. Just how good partnerships should be.

Join Drip’s Agency Program Today

Drip can help agencies like yours uncover new strategies that drive success for both agencies and clients alike. You’ll be on top of trends and helping clients navigate their ways to big-time growth and success, all while you get uncompromising support from your friends at Drip.

To see how teaming with Drip could help your agency innovate and grow, check out the Agency Program today.

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