Drip Wins 2019 Top Software Product Awards from G2 Crowd

At Drip, we have a reputation for sinking our teeth into going the extra mile (in overdrive) to make sure our blood, sweat, and tears combine forces to bring our customers the very best ECRM platform around.

(Yeah, we’re so into hard work that we have to merge four idioms to make our point.)

With all the ‘round-the-clock work that goes on behind the scenes at Drip, we’re always stoked when somebody has something nice to say about what we’re doing. So, without further ado, we’re thrilled to announce that Drip has landed spots on two of G2 Crowd’s lists declaring the Best Products 2019.

G2 Crowd is a Chicago-based peer-to-peer business solutions review platform. Its mission is to  highlight the voices of real software customers (like you) and leverage more than 500,000 user reviews that are read by more than 2 million buyers every month.

When you have questions about what software you should use to take your business to the next level, scoping out G2 Crowd is always a sure bet to finding your best solution.

Snagging spots on both the Fastest Growing Products list as well as the Best Products for Marketers list are big wins for Drip, as we’re ranked alongside other companies such as Facebook for Business, Google Analytics, WordPress. (We’re blushing, really.)

Here at Drip, we’re pleased as punch to learn that our hard work is paying off—for us and our customers. It’s happy awards like these that add fuel to our fire and keep our noses to the grindstone.

Here’s to the progress we’ve made and the progress yet to come!

Onward and upward.