[Feature Update] Skyrocket Your List with Facebook Lead Ads, Style Your Drip Forms, Let Clients Self-Schedule, and More

In addition to keeping deliverability high, app performance silky smooth, and customer support top notch, our team of developers have carefully crafted several new features in your Drip account.

I can’t wait to show you each one, so let’s dive in…

1. Our Facebook Lead Ads Integration is Live!

FB Lead Ads

One of our most requested integrations will let you seamlessly add new leads to your Drip workflows as soon as they opt in from a Facebook Lead Ad.

The benefits are obvious: connect your Facebook Lead Ads to Drip and start nurturing your new leads automatically.

Note: if you’re unfamiliar with the conversion-boosting power of Facebook Leads Ads, Facebook has a pretty good overview: Lead Ads: Connecting People with Businesses in Just Two Taps

Activating your Facebook Lead Ads integration in Drip is simple. Go to Settings > Integrations > and grant Drip access to your Facebook account.

Once you grant Drip access to Facebook, you can choose the “Submitted a landing page” trigger in any Workflow to see your Facebook pages and lead forms. All leads from Facebook will automatically get routed into Drip.

lead ads gif 5

If this is the integration you’ve been waiting for, now’s a great time to…

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2. Schedule Appointments and Handle Cancellations with Calendly

When you integrate Calendly and Drip, you harness the power of Calendly’s scheduling tool with Drip’s automated emails (this integration gets a lot of use internally here at Drip – we spill all here).

Here’s a simple, but powerful use case:

  • You use a Drip widget or form to schedule calls.
  • The post-submission page of the form sends your subscribers to your Calendly page, where they can pick a time you’re free to talk.
  • Once submitted, the requester is added to a Drip campaign. If they forget to schedule a call, you can send a reminder email to them. Or if they don’t show up for a call, you can send them a gentle nudge to reschedule – automatically.

Learn how to set up this integration here.

3. New Filter: See Subscribers Who Have Taken an Action in the Last Week, or Month, or Year…

In the last

Events have always been filterable by date range, and recently, we’ve given you one more powerful way to filter your list of subscribers. You’ll find the Actions performed filter now includes “in the last n days,” letting you see event occurrences in a new way.

4. Notification Emails – Now Written By You

Our notification email option lets you, your team, or any clients whose Drip campaigns you manage stay up to date when your subscribers take an action in Drip. For example, you might set up a notification email to alert your sales team whenever someone hits a certain lead score.

Now, you can customize the text, design, and everything else on notification emails. In the sales team example, you could include a reminder about next steps and important links so your team follows up with hot leads correctly. Or, if you’re managing campaigns for a client, you could apply your own branding to the notification to drive home the value you’re providing.


5. Remove “Lead” Status from Subscribers Based on Their Actions

Disabling lead scoring is now an action you can perform via automation rules and workflows.

This is handy for when a subscriber becomes a customer, for example.

6. Get Better Insights from Unsubscribe Notification Emails

Your unsubscribe notification emails now show you the last email the subscriber received before they clicked the “Unsubscribe” button. This visibility will help you see at what point your subscribers are dropping off… without having to log in to Drip.

7. Never Manually Copy a Form Again

An oft-requested feature, you can now duplicate any form with one click. Your copied form will contain the exact settings of the original, including rules and appearance settings. Voilà!

drip forms

8. Hello, New Widget Style

Widgets have received a facelift, and the new design is ready for you to enable today, if you choose. You can continue to use the “Classic” widget, but if you’re ready to upgrade, pop in to your form’s Appearance section, and choose “Simple.” Give your site a couple minutes for cache to clear, and you’ll be set with a new look.

Editor and Widget

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Questions? Leave a comment below and let us know what features you’re excited to use. We’re all ears!