Drip + Interact: How to Use Online Quizzes to Generate and Profile Leads

Who doesn’t love an online quiz?

Even if you don’t really care what Disney princess best defines you, or what age you “really” are, some part of you wants to find out.

Quizzes get at something deep inside your brain, reinforcing or challenging your sense of yourself or your knowledge. When you get the final results, you either nod in recognition or laugh at how wrong it was—and then you might click “Share Results” to let the world know, too. (BuzzFeed quizzes get up to 75% of their traffic from social media.)

Their psychology and shareability make quizzes an insanely powerful tool for marketers. And now, thanks to Drip’s integration with Interact, quizzes are not only a traffic source—they’re a killer tool for lead generation. You can create quizzes to capture email addresses and segment your new subscribers based on their interests.

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What’s Cool About Interact

Interact is an interactive content tool that lets you build engaging quizzes, assessments, and giveaways. Not only can you easily make a great looking quiz to draw in and engage visitors, you can build your email list by requiring an opt-in within your quiz. Here are a couple of standout features Interact has to offer:

Premade Templates with Customizable Designs

Interact allows you to design exactly the kind of mobile-friendly quiz you’re looking for. You can even add royalty-free stock photos from Pixabay right in the app if you don’t have your own

Social share buttons appear on each results page, baking shareability right into the design (so your quiz just might go viral).

Gated Results & Sophisticated Email Integration

Interact allows you to turn quizzes into lead-generation machines by placing the results behind an opt-in gate.

Then, Interact will send both the lead’s email address and their quiz results to Drip, so you can create targeted email campaigns based on these responses.

Use Interact for Giveaways

In addition to lead-generating quizzes, you can also build giveaways in Interact. Giveaways can be a powerful source of leads, because who doesn’t like the idea that they could be the big winner?

Just like with quizzes, integrating your Interact giveaways with Drip allows you to turn a giveaway into a lead generation machine. You can automatically tag users based on which giveaway they entered, letting you know what kind of products or services they’re interested in.

Plus, you can automatically send thank you emails to non-winners, and even offer a coupon or special offer just for entering.

How to Use Drip + Interact to Capture & Convert High-Quality Leads

It’s this deep integration that makes Interact much more than another way to send subscribers to your list. Here are a couple of ways to use Drip and Interact together to segment leads and send tailored communications.

Send Custom Follow-Up Based on Personas

If you’ve already put in the work of coming up with your company’s customer personas or avatars, you know how important it is to consider who you’re selling to with each and every email you send. With Interact, you know who you’re talking to, and you can tailor your communications as a result.

For instance, if I had a budgeting app, I might want to tailor content toward people who budget differently but are all looking to save money. With a quiz, I can give different kinds of users the content that will be most helpful for them and also make them most likely to purchase my product.

My first step would be to create a quiz called “What’s your saving style?” Each question would help segment the audience into four different personas.

New subscribers will automatically be added to a Drip campaign with customized content that will reflect their current relationship with money. Here’s how it would look to map specific quiz results to my Drip campaigns inside Interact:

… and here’s an example of one of those campaigns I might create for one segment of my audience:

The first email covers the quiz results. A second email includes budget recommendations tailored to this persona in question, leading to a final email on how my product can help.

Tag Users Based on Quiz Answers and Results

Quizzes are a great way to get the right people onto your list. With Drip and Interact, they can also help you segment and target your subscribers long after you deliver the results.

That’s because Drip can record your leads’ final quiz results and their answers to each question.

To build a great lead-gen quiz, use the same kinds of questions you ask potential clients. That way, quiz takers segment themselves for you.

For instance, if I were a business coach working with creative entrepreneurs, I might create a quiz that asks “Do you have the skills to succeed as a creative entrepreneur?”

It will be worthwhile to follow up with all of the quiz takers, but I can devote the most time to those whose answers reveal they most need my services. Drip records the answers from the quiz so I can look for users who say their biggest struggle will be grounding their vision to get things done.

This is how this information will look in Drip:

Since it is recorded as a custom event, I can automatically trigger an email only to quiz takers who answer this question with this specific answer.

Here’s how I would create this automation rule in Drip:

Just create a trigger that watches for a particular answer to a particular question, and you can automatically send an email to highly qualified leads.

Plus, since this rule also tags these leads, I can continue to use this information. For instance, I might send a campaign tailored to entrepreneurs who have trouble implementing their big ideas, my ideal clients, to show that I know what I’m talking about.

I could even add a call to action just for these leads to my emails.

In this example, I use Liquid shortcode to include a CTA just for subscribers with this tag, highlighting my ability to work one-on-one with them on the biggest struggle in their business.

You could create a tag for each answer to this question, and create multiple personalized calls to action, tailored to exactly what your leads told you they need help with.

Build an Info-Rich Email List with Drip + Interact

Ready to start building quizzes to collect and segment leads? Integrating Drip with Interact is easy.

When you’re creating a quiz, click into the Lead Collection tab and choose “Connect Integration.” Then, select Drip.

You’ll be redirected to your Drip account. If you have multiple accounts, pick the one you’d like to integrate and click “Authorize.”

Now you’ll be able to view and adjust the data Interact sends to Drip:

Again, notice exactly how many kinds of data you get with this integration:

  • Campaign settings: As we mentioned above, you have the option to send quiz takers directly into a custom Drip campaign.
  • Custom fields: Interact will set custom fields in Drip for all the contact data you request (though we recommend keeping your form fields minimal for the highest opt-in rates). It will also set a custom field for their final quiz result, so their persona becomes a key part of their contact record.
  • Subscriber tags: You can also use their result as a tag.
  • Custom events: Finally, quiz takers’ answers get recorded as custom events, so you know exactly when and how they answered.

Does everything look ready to help you segment and contact your new audience? Then congratulations—you’re all set to start using quizzes as a lead generation machine!

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Do you have any questions about how to use Interact with Drip? Ask away in the comments and the team and I will be standing by to help.