Marketing Automation for Membership Sites: 4 Tips for Integrating Drip and MemberPress


Recently, we teamed up with MemberPress to bring marketing automation and membership site software together in beautiful, blissful, holy matrimony.

Pairing marketing automation with your membership site lets you automatically segment your subscribers by membership level, and it’s a great way to make sure that members are getting exactly what they need straight to their inbox.

To celebrate the news, we’re bringing you some email marketing tips for membership sites.

Top 4 Tips for Integrating Drip with a MemberPress Membership Site

Keep Your List Segments Up To Date, Automatically

1. If you’re building a membership site with different subscription levels, segment your subscribers based on their membership levels. This helps organize your subscribers and gives you the option of sending out hyper-specific emails to a clearly defined group of people.

For example, if you are offering a limited time discount for subscribers who want to upgrade from one membership level to another, you can send an email to only the people who aren’t already at the higher level. Offering exclusive content for only your highest membership tier? Send only those people the notification email. Managing your contacts and keeping your members in the loop with information that is relevant to them and only them has never been easier.

Re-Engage Cancelled Members

2. In addition to making segmentation simple, this integration helps you keep these segments tidy, organized, and up to date. If a member’s subscription level changes, their tags are automatically adjusted.

If a member’s subscription is cancelled or lapses, MemberPress will update the subscriber’s tags in Drip as-it-happens. Every cancelled member can be added to a re-engagement Workflow with a unique offer to entice them back to your membership site.

Schedule New Course and Product Announcements

3. If your membership site is dripping content (releasing new content over a period of time on a schedule), you can set up a broadcast in Drip to alert your members of the new content. For example, if you run online courses, save all the course attendees in a Drip segment. Use MemberPress to schedule the content to go live, and simultaneously schedule an email from Drip to the course attendee segment to let them know that new content is available.

Create A Paid Newsletter

4. If you want to build a paid newsletter for your business, this integration is key. Use MemberPress to manage subscriptions and payments while Drip blasts out your daily/weekly/monthly broadcasts to your paying subscribers. Paid newsletters are a great way to deliver quality content straight to the inboxes of your subscribers (as opposed to building protected areas within your website). They generally offer more value than just a series of blog posts, but slightly less value than a full-blown service or product would. Think of a paid newsletter as a digital subscription to your favorite newspaper or magazine.

To set up this integration, follow MemberPress’ documentation here.

We couldn’t be more thrilled about this integration, and we can’t wait to see all the ways you use these features. Drop us a comment below about how you are using/plan to use MemberPress and Drip to build your very own, top-notch membership site today!