Info Marketers: Unleash Your Sales With Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Gorilla with digital Tablet

To master “Guerrilla Marketing” and tap into its bountiful benefits, you must first tap into your inner-Rambo.

Whenever Rambo is out-manned and facing daunting odds, he utilizes his survival senses and unconventional war tactics to take down his enemies.

You, as an information marketer, must use those same guerrilla tactics (but in a positive way!) with your marketing strategies to surprise and then endear yourself to your target audience and customers.

Guerrilla marketing ensures your prospects never forget you, thanks to the unique ways of acquiring customers.

This works whether you sell services or physical products – and especially with information products.

Let’s see how you can pull this off.

First, Jay Conrad Levinson was the one who coined the term in his book, “Guerrilla Marketing.”

According to the book and Jay, Guerrilla Marketing is:

“I’m referring to the soul and essence of guerrilla marketing which remain as always — achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money.”

Jay’s Guerrilla Marketing is mirrored in this description by Creative Guerrilla Marketing:

“This alternative advertising style relies heavily on unconventional marketing strategy, high energy, and imagination. Guerrilla Marketing is about taking the consumer by surprise, make an indelible impression and create copious amounts of social buzz.”

When matching up guerrilla marketing to good ol’ traditional marketing, the latter doesn’t stand a chance.

If you can get through to a market by being unique, special, and different, you’ll win customers for life.

Traditional marketing can get people through the door but then requires other tactics to endear itself to customers.

Guerrilla Marketing is up-close personal, delightfully surprising and uniquely unforgettable so that people will simply not forget you (or your products).

That’s what you want.

How You Will Benefit From Using “Guerrilla Marketing”

Guerrilla Marketing does something that traditional marketing doesn’t, and couldn’t, ever do:

Impacts customers deep enough to get them talking in person, online and anywhere else they can.

The best part?

It can be done for little money.

And it levels the playing field.

If you have all the aspirations in the world and a product you’re currently creating or already selling, but you don’t have the funds to make it what it can be…

You need to use Guerrilla Marketing.

If you’re flat broke, but full of passion and have a quality info product, then Guerrilla Marketing makes it possible to catapult yourself up and into the world.

It can also work for corporations of various sizes. Even large corporations today are implementing Guerrilla Marketing into their corporate strategies. For them, it’s a way to personalize themselves and generate more ground level social buzz.

However, the inherent distrust that’s often harbored towards large enterprises, or the general disinterest in marketing tactics that seem forced makes it less than ideal for big business.

But for you? A “solopreneur” or a small business selling info products can funnel the rewards of more shares, likes and attention into more sales and establishing a brand.

The Must-Have Mindset to Succeed at Guerrilla Marketing

To really “get” Guerrilla Marketing, you have to disassociate yourself from everything “marketing” that you’ve learned over the years. Simply leave all assumptions and your expertise behind.

Think you can do that? Ask yourself, “What would Rambo do?,” especially when you’re planning your company’s marketing.

Thinking of Rambo creating a PPC campaign is not the goal in itself. The goal is to open your mind to surprising and unconventional methods to get your brand out there and your products sold.

Like a gonzo-journalist, you need to learn what the customers want by being one of them, seeing the world through their eyes, and then making off the wall marketing choices based off those interactions.

The attitude that drives successful Guerrilla Marketing campaigns is whatever-it-takes.

We’ll share some of these unconventional methods in just a bit.

Use These Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Give Your Business a Rocket Fuel Dosage

Let’s dive in…

Guerrilla Tactic #1: Use Stickers To Be Memorable

The backbone to Guerrilla Marketing is “stickability.” It’s about being memorable.

The Marketo Blog recently gave a wonderful example of a company implementing a superbly done Guerrilla Marketing strategy that made people remember them.

Guerilla Marketing for Info Marketers

The company being highlighted for their guerrilla tactics was Folger’s Coffee. They put large graphics on New York’s busiest streets’ manholes, instantly turning each of these steaming cement blowholes to avoid into a luscious hot cup of brain juice.

“The steam coming from these manholes, which is a typical sight in NYC, transformed the eye-sore into a brilliant advertisement. Now every time you see a steaming manhole, you might think of Folger’s.”

And for this reason, stickers are perfect tools for guerrilla marketing.

They’re far more innocent than tagging walls with graffiti, yet far more powerful (and won’t land you in jail).

The countless spots your stickers end up in will make you proud – and your business known.

Here’s Marketo Gizmo on the subject of stickers:

“Giving out free stickers, especially if they have a cool design, is a great way to get your brand out there. Even better is if you integrate QR codes into your stickers so that people can find out more about your brand or message as easily as possible.”

They go on to share how Guinness uses stickers; they put them on pubs’ pool stick ends, where obviously they’re sold on tap. Genius, Guinness.

For you, don’t just print stickers of your logo; come up with ideas that are fun, clever and something people would want to use.

Guerrilla Tactic #2: Use Interactive Displays, But Online And Dirt Cheap

After countless years of hum-drum-in-your-face advertising, we’ve simply become immune.

We know what advertising is, where it is, and why it’s there. And because of this, we have developed hawk eyes that see far past advertising’s smoke screen – and we ignore most of it.

Interactive displays can be physical, like life-size cartoon cardboard characters you stick your head in for a picture, or like a digital sign displaying random advertising.

But, doing that “offline” could be expensive.

Instead, take a cue from BuzzFeed and use short quizzes and tests.

That’s still interactive.

They’re hilarious, often go viral and considered the “new list post,” and can get you traffic and attention that explodes your traffic into the stratosphere.

Guerrilla Tactic #3: Give Out Wearable Ads

Wearable ads are a Guerrilla Marketing brand-building go-to tool.

Of course, they must be done right.

They must turn heads and wearable ads mean people wear them. In order to get that publicity you need, create something good; something people would be proud to wear.

Here’s a list of wearable potentials:

  • T-Shirts.
  • Hats.
  • Logo Sticker.
  • Temporary Tattoos (a valuable uncommon one).

It’s been very common lately for startups to hand out free t-shirts, but they have to be cool.

Instead of putting your logo, or name, on the front, why not use a meme?

Funny picture?

A joke?

A particular phrase?

You get the idea. Make it something people would want to wear.

In addition, if you use a platform like TeeSpring, you can “crowdfund” shirts and not have to put money down to make them.

Guerrilla Tactic #4: Pull Off A Publicity Stunt

There really aren’t too many things in this world cooler than a publicity stunt. If you’re a marketer, you’re having fun with this one.

By creating publicity stunts, you catapult yourself “outside of the box” and open the door to an endless number of possibilities.

The restaurant Chipotle knows all about outside the box stuff. They were offering of a free burrito to anyone dressed up like one of their football-size burritos on Halloween.

You can create an event. And the special thing here is, often time publicity stunts are recorded on the news. The larger the publicity stunt, the larger the network you get featured on. Publicity stunts range from flash mobs to street art to random events full of wonder.

Not very outgoing or particularly “crazy”? Just looking for something “nicer” to do?

Why not donate part of your sales to a charity of someone’s choice.

Your “Guerrilla Marketing” Starts With This

If you can remember one thing remember this:

Think like Rambo.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to hijack any supply trucks and escape minefields using rocket launchers to blast your way through to safety.

But you will have to think of your business as being in the middle of a guerrilla warfare battleground in order to succeed. The old, tried and tested methods might work, but are they working well enough to yield high-growth fast?

Use Rambo-style ambush tactics and elements of surprise in your marketing. We went over a handful of solid methods. Yes, they’re unconventional but they work because of that exact reason.

So, although many tactics might sound crazy or dumb to you at first, you don’t actually need to do something outrageous to get noticed.

It can be as easy as just doing the opposite of what your competitors are up to.

Instead of thinking about what channels to use, think:

“What would make my audience laugh? What would thrill them? What would make them notice? What would surprise them?”

Have you at least considered using Guerrilla Marketing tactics with your marketing strategies?