Fresh Fixes in Drip Forms, Bulk Ops, Email Metrics, and More: Drip Product Update

September is stuffed to the gills with small-scale updates that have a large-scale impact.

We want you to be able to craft beautiful automations in as few steps as possible—and we think we knocked that goal outta the park this month. September’s product updates focus on making your Drip experience easier than ever.

When your marketing takes fewer clicks and less time, you have a chance to work on other parts of your business.

Now, let’s dig into this month’s product updates.

1. Easily Add a CTA Button in Campaign and Broadcast Emails.

If making a call-to-action button before was making you pull your non-tech-savvy hair out, this update is for you.

Highlight the text in your email copy, then click the new CTA Button in the editor.

Once you click the CTA button in the email editor, your highlighted text will become the copy on your CTA button within your email.

You can preview your new button in “Preview” mode or when you send yourself a test email.

Your CTA button can drive readers to the URL of your choice, or it can act as a trigger link that kickstarts an automation rule.

2. Automatically Create Custom Fields

The ability to create as many custom fields as you need is awesome, but trying to remember exactly how you identify all of them across all of your forms can get messy.

Now when you’re creating a form, adding your custom fields is easy as pie.

Any custom fields you already use will automatically populate in a drop-down menu. Simply scroll down and pick the identifier you want to use.

This means you no longer have to manually enter “number_of_pet_cats” in your form identifiers while worrying about case sensitivity or the wording you used in your other opt-in forms.

3. Interpret Liquid Code in Subject Lines

In the email editor, subject lines now interpret Liquid in preview mode, just like the body of your email already does.

Instead of hoping that your subject line reading “Hi, {{subscriber.first_name}}!” will translate to a m ore personal note when you press “Send,” rest assured that your subscriber’s actual first name will populate.

Simply click over to “Preview” mode to see your first name fill in the subject line (and if it doesn’t, you’ll know there’s a kink in your Liquid that needs some attention).

4. Bulk Ops Now Has a Toggle

There may be times when you don’t want a bulk operation to trigger a Workflow or Rule. And thanks to this toggle switch, turning off that trigger is now possible.

When applying tags, removing tags, and updating custom fields in bulk operations, you have the option to skip any automations that would be triggered by those actions.

Simply hit the toggle switch to “On” when you want to bypass triggering automations.

5. Check the Email Metrics of a Precise Date Range

Email metrics now has a more precise date picker, making it easier to see metrics in a more specific date range.

Check out exactly what your emails have been up to during a precise range of time.

Those are this month’s time-saving, ultra-handy Drip product updates that you can start exploring right now in your account.


How will these updates save you time in your marketing each week? Let us know in the comments.