Drip + PlusThis: 4 New Conversion-Boosting Ways to Use Drip

Drip is stuffed with features that enable you to nurture leads and increase conversions in the best way possible. Automated rules easily tag and segment subscribers, campaigns send the right email at the right time, and one-off broadcasts can shoot off promos and important updates to your entire list in seconds.

Top that with easy-to-use visual workflows, analytics, and more, and you have a pretty comprehensive marketing automation tool.

But while Drip has the brawn to tackle all of your email automation needs, there are a few tricks it doesn’t have up its sleeve. Which is why we’re so excited about our new integration with PlusThis.

With PlusThis and Drip working together, you can add on to the already stuffed suite of Drip features for even more lead converting capabilities.

What’s Cool About PlusThis?

Think of your marketing automation software as a boneless rib eye steak right off the grill. Tender, flavorful, great marbling. What else could you possibly want? Actually, you want steak sauce and caramelized onions and a petite side salad spritzed with a small-batch vinaigrette. You want a few extra touches to make your meal perfect.

These add-ons are a lot like PlusThis—a variety of features that can make your steak, er, marketing automation exactly what you want it to be.

PlusThis is an add-on library for marketing automation software like Drip. It’s a tool that seeks to increase the capabilities of platforms you already use and trust. It complements your marketing tools and makes them even better.


4 Ways to Use PlusThis and Drip to Increase Conversions


Four popular PlusThis add-ons that will be available for use with Drip include countdown timers in emails, SMS messaging, webinar connections, and Facebook Custom Audiences. Let’s check them out.

1. Add Evergreen Countdown Timers to Emails

With PlusThis, you can embed custom countdown timers in your emails or on your website. This add-on gives you the ability to insert countdown timers that are either unique to the contact who is receiving the email or that are set to a specific date.

Here’s what this looks like inside of PlusThis.

When someone downloads your lead magnet, you can send an email with an evergreen countdown timer telling them how long they have to get your next product at a reduced rate—just drop in the embed code from PlusThis where you want it to appear.

Here’s what the countdown timer looks like inside of an email from Drip.

Feel the need to act? Me too.

Sticking a countdown timer into your emails drives urgency and conversion rates. In fact, this case study highlights how adding a countdown timer to an email campaign drove up conversions by 51.1%.

Additionally, countdown timers serve as a great visual reminder. Subscribers can easily see just how long it is before their webinar starts or the contest they just entered ends.

2. Send SMS Messages

Within PlusThis, you can connect Drip to an SMS messaging service, customize the message you want to send to contacts, and apply tags to respondents.

Once you enter what you want to say and to whom, PlusThis will provide you with an event code that you simply drop into your Drip workflow wherever you want the SMS message to be sent.

For instance, let’s say your opt-in form is an appointment request form on your website. Right after someone submits that form and is entered into a Drip workflow, drop the event code into the workflow to text them an appointment confirmation and reminder.

Sending SMS messages to leads at specific points in your workflows will help improve conversions as it can be used to send reminders, promo codes, or insider tips—all assets that will help leads return for more.

3. Follow up with Webinar Attendees

Connect Drip with webinar platforms it doesn’t already directly integrate with. Automate your Zoom, GoToWebinar or Webinar Jam webinars so you can send reminders, tag attendees and send follow-up emails all through Drip.

In the example below, I’ve connected my Drip and Zoom accounts within PlusThis. I’ve also set up tags that will be applied to those who attend or do not attend my Zoom webinar.

After setting up and naming my Zoom webinar in PlusThis, it provides a custom event code that can be dropped right into your Drip workflow.

The custom event tag registers the lead for the Zoom webinar right after they submit the “Webinar Opt In Form.” Each subscriber will then follow their respective path in that workflow depending on what they are tagged with—”webinar_attended” or “did not attend webinar.”

You can always send the right message to contacts depending on whether they attend or miss your webinar without having to manually import lists from these platforms. And PlusThis expands on Drip’s webinar integrations, which gives you more choice when it comes to deciding which one to use.

4. Automatically Update Facebook Custom Audiences

Now you can use Drip to automatically add subscribers to your Facebook Custom Audiences (or remove them).

You can already make workflows in Drip that pull in new subscribers who have opted into your Facebook Lead Ads.

With this integration, though, you can use PlusThis to automatically add or remove subscribers from Facebook Custom Audiences when they hit specific points in your Drip workflows.

Below is a glance at the setup for this feature. Connect your Drip and Facebook accounts within PlusThis, then pick which Facebook Custom Audience you want to add to or remove subscribers from.

Enter the details, then simply copy and paste the event code generated by PlusThis into your workflow. When a subscriber reaches that point, they will be pulled from one Custom Audience and added to another.

For example, this means you can add (or remove) your subscribers from custom audiences based on which emails in a campaign they’ve opened, what product they purchased, how high (or low) their lead score is, and if they attended your latest webinar—just to name a few.

This feature saves you the task of manually moving subscribers from one audience to another after they’ve completed desired actions, and it will improve the results you get with Facebook advertising.

Fortify Your Drip Automation with the PlusThis Integration

PlusThis enhances your Drip experience by adding onto the long list of automation rules you can already create. While Drip integrates with nearly 70 apps so far, PlusThis makes it possible to amp up your automation capabilities.