Drip is Joining Forces With Leadpages

Today is a memorable day for the Drip crew.

We’ve been toiling away for 3-1/2 years bringing you best-in-class marketing automation that’s ridiculously easy to use.

We were one of the first entrants into the lightweight marketing automation space with our release of automation rules in 2014, and earlier this year we changed the game for email marketers with the release of visual Workflows.

We’ve accomplished this in such a short time because we’re constantly asking ourselves: what’s the next feature we can build to push this industry forward, and make our customers’ lives easier?

And today, we announce that we’ve been acquired by Leadpages. If you’re not familiar with Leadpages, they’re the creators of the industry’s leading landing page platform. A Drip / Leadpages integration recently went live, and many of our mutual customers are already putting it to good use.

This may come as a surprise. Some view an acquisition as throwing in the towel. Often products that aren’t doing well are acquired instead of being put out to pasture.

Our situation is the polar opposite. Our growth has been fast, and accelerating, since we launched our first glimpse of automation over two years ago…

This acquisition is not an attempt to salvage a dying product, but rather a partnership to accelerate the feature roadmap and growth of an already successful one.

The resources Leadpages brings in terms of capital, momentum, and expertise make this a win for existing Drip customers, and the thousands of new customers we anticipate in the coming months.

Given this news, you probably have a few questions:

What’s the plan for Drip?

Exactly what you’d expect: Drip is fully operational and we’re going to keep it that way.

What we’re doing is working really well, and the purpose of this partnership is not to make a bunch of changes that could break that. The purpose is to provide us with the resources to accelerate our feature rollout, improve performance, and be able to provide top-notch support to our fast-growing user base.

What about the Drip team?

Every member of the Drip team is making this transition (including the founders). If you’re used to hearing from Andy, Ian, Anna, or anyone else on our team, expect that to continue.

Are you going to raise prices, remove features, etc…?

We have no plans to raise prices, remove features, or do anything other than what we’ve been doing for the past 3-1/2 years, which is to constantly ask ourselves:

What’s the next feature we can build to push this industry forward, and make our customers’ lives easier?

We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

– Rob, Derrick and the Drip team