Drip + Gleam: Reward Audience Engagement with Social Media Contests & More


That’s the word everyone wants to see in their email inboxes after entering an online contest. People love the thrill of possibly winning cool prizes with little or no effort.

So it just makes sense for businesses to attract new customers with contests. Social media contests can boost online engagement while rapidly increasing your following—and, if you do it right, your subscriber count.

With all those benefits, it can still feel overwhelming to host your own contest. How will you actually implement it? And how will you capture those high-quality leads?

Drip and Gleam have teamed up to make sure your next social media contest is hassle-free. Gleam’s platform gives you the flexibility to host viral competitions and—thanks to a new Drip integration—the ability to send new leads directly to your email list (and apply any tags you like at the same time).

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Here’s how to use Drip and Gleam together to easily run a contest, promotion, or opt-in campaign that gets you lots of quality leads.

What’s Cool About Gleam

Gleam has several tools that help you engage your existing audience, build your list, and attract new customers.

Create Competitions to Attract More Attention

Gleam lets you host contests right on your website, landing page, or social media channels. And they offer a ton of ways for people to enter your contests. In addition to collecting email addresses, you can incentivize participants to:

  • Share a photo of your product
  • Follow you on social media
  • Follow or retweet you on Twitter
  • Fill out a survey
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • And other entry methods

With the Drip integration, the only thing you really need to collect is an email address, but you can choose other entry methods on top of that. You can even weight people’s entries by the number of actions they complete.

Maybe you want to ask people to download your mobile app. Or poll your audience about a new logo design. Gleam lets you choose from a selection of ready-made templates for your next competition and modify them for your business.

Transforming your competition into a viral sensation isn’t far-fetched. Gleam comes with built-in social referral links to encourage entrants to share your contest details with their entire network.

Here’s an example of a Gleam contest widget with a number of different entry options:

Ready to pick a winner? Choose winners randomly inside the application or select the best entry manually.

If you’re stuck on contest ideas, here are a few guides to spark your imagination:

Reward Your Audience for Engagement

Instead of dishing out coupons to everyone, you can use Gleam’s popup rewards widget to ask your customers to complete an action before receiving a discount.

This is similar to the competition, but it promises a definite small reward instead of a chance at a larger prize. Here’s an example:

What’s also powerful is that you can embed your offers anywhere (or let Gleam host them on a provided landing page). Add them to your website, a social media post, a custom Facebook tab, or all of the above. If you run a joint promotion, you can even have your business partner add the widget to their website.

Build Your Email List Quickly

Gleam’s Capture function helps you send contestants’ email addresses directly to an email service provider, like Drip.

The platform uses email capture forms that are triggered by visitor behavior (like number of pages viewed) and targeted to specific audiences (like referring traffic sources, languages, and locations).

Choose from a number of templates to capture your audience’s email addresses. For instance, there’s the Catch-all Header Opt-in for anyone who visits your site. It’s a simple way for your audience to sign up for your newsletter or product updates.

To engage with visitors who read your long-form content, you can set up an email-capture widget when an individual scrolls down a certain percentage of the page. Offer a highly relevant lead magnet, like a free checklist or ebook, to increase your conversions.

Gleam also supports A/B testing to see which email-capture form delivers the best results.

How to Use Drip + Gleam to Add Highly Engaged Leads to Your List

Gleam’s integration with Drip works a bit differently than other many lead-capture integrations. Instead of adding your new contacts to a specific campaign or workflow, Gleam will ask you to choose a tag to apply.

You could choose one of your existing Drip tags, but I’d recommend creating a new one to identify those leads depending on where they came from. The extra level of detail will come in handy down the line.

Once you’ve chosen a tag, you’re ready to set up a workflow. Choose “applied a tag” as your trigger and enter the name of the tag you used in Gleam:

You can add whatever steps you like to your workflow, but if you’re running a contest, I’d suggest starting with this basic framework:

Set the delay to the duration of your contest. Of course, not everyone will enter on the first day, so you’ll also want to add two goals—actions that will pull your contacts forward in the workflow if they reach it, even if they entered the contest the day before the deadline.

In this case, my goals are my two possible contest outcomes: winning and not winning. Once I’ve picked a winner within Gleam, I’ll jump into Drip and apply the “contest_winner” tag to my single winner’s contact record.

Everyone else gets the “non_winner” tag. I’ll apply that with an automation rule like this one:

Once I’ve applied the tags, my workflow will automatically trigger an email to the winner explaining how to claim the prize and an email to the non-winners giving them something special as a consolation prize—so everyone who’s joined my list gets value from the contest.

After those one-off emails, I’ll channel my leads directly into my main workflow, where they’ll get my welcome campaign if they’re new to my list and receive any other nurturing emails I’ve set up.

The above workflow will work nicely if I’m running a one-time contest. If I want the option to launch it all over again in the future, I can simply modify the bottom of my workflow to remove the tags I applied:

This way, anyone who entered before will be able to try again with a clean slate.

It’s also possible to personalize each message to build a connection with your new email subscribers. By default, Gleam sends the subscriber’s first name and last name as custom fields to your Drip account.

Then, with the help of Liquid shortcodes, Drip can add that personalized data into your one-off emails. Here’s an example of a subscriber’s first name inserted into an email:

Use these customized communications to suggest related content and help entrants explore everything else your company offers.

Earn Leads from Gleam & Nurture Them with Drip

With Drip’s Gleam integration you can set up a social media competition, coupon code, or opt-in campaign in minutes—and possibly see results hit your email list in a few hours.

Then, of course, you can use your automated Drip workflows to track, segment, and nurture your leads within your sales funnel.

Ready to try it yourself? Sign up for Drip if you don’t have an account yet. (It’s free forever for up to 100 contacts.)

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Then, click here to start a Pro plan with Gleam. You’re one step closer to building a viral competition and a robust email list.

Have any ideas for a contest you’d like to run? Tell us in the comments!