Drip + Demio: Find Out Exactly How Your Webinars Are Landing, Then Drive More Sales After the Pitch

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If you host or appear at a lot of live events, you get used to reading a room.

How did they like the presentation? Think they’ll come back next month? Are any of them going to buy?

You can scan the crowd, talk to people in the audience, and walk away with a pretty good sense of how the event went over.

It’s often harder online. When your webinar chatroll is silent, does it mean everyone’s tuned out? Or does it mean you’re such a good presenter that they don’t have any questions?

And how about your pitch at the end? Did it connect? Or could you have made more sales with a different approach?

Demio is a new webinar platform designed to give you deeper insight into these kinds of questions—and its integration with Drip means you can combine that insight with more post-webinar sales.

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What’s Cool About Demio

A webinar is typically just one piece of your larger online marketing machinery.

You might connect your webinar software to a webinar registration landing page, your email marketing platform, and maybe an automation hub like Center to segment your leads.

Demio integrates with other tools, too, but it also has a ton of extra features and functionality right inside the platform. For instance, you can …

Bucket different types of contacts. Demio comes with its own automation rules to tag webinar registrants based on their actions, such as joining late, failing to show up, or staying past a certain point.

See what individual contacts have done. Demio also preserves a full record of each contact’s webinar activity. Does someone keep registering but never make it onto the webinar? You might want to offer an alternate time. Has someone else attended three webinars in a row without buying? Might be worth giving them a nudge.

Analyze your webinar performance. For every webinar, you can click into an analytics dashboard that shows you things like the number of attendees minute by minute, show-up and interaction rates, and the answers to any polls you launch inside the platform. In other words, the kind of data you need to fine-tune your webinar presentations and compare results across different sessions.

Embed signup forms on any page, or let Demio host your registration page. You can create your own webinar registration pages inside Demio, using a simple interface and choosing from a couple of different templates (complete with countdown timers and the option to add video). If you’d like to get more elaborate, that’s easy, too: an HTML embed code lets you drop your webinar signup form into a page built with a tool like Leadpages.

Give attendees multiple options. Adding multiple webinar dates and times from one form is no problem. You can also let people sign up once to enroll in a multi-session series—great if you’re using Demio to teach a course or a training series.

Offer content and calls to action right inside your webinar. A content-sharing system lets you upload files (think handouts, copies of your webinar slides, or bonuses) to share with your attendees during the webinar. When it’s time to make your pitch, you can use the Demio Resources sidebar to display a special offer that links to your product or cart page.

All of these features work to set you up for success before and during your webinar. Add in Drip, and you have the ability to extend your connection with webinar attendees even further.

How to Use Drip + Demio to Get More Webinar Sales (Even When the Webinar’s Over)

Once you integrate your Drip account with Demio, you can send webinar registrants’ email address and first name to any Drip campaign or workflow of your choice.

The first thing I’d recommend doing is creating a workflow just for your Demio registrants that tags them as webinar registrants:

To link your webinar to the workflow, first, connect your account in your Demio settings under Integrations. Then, once you’ve set up your webinar, choose Automation Rules from the Advanced menu, select “When someone registers” from the list of automation triggers, and choose to integrate a registration integration in the Actions column.

Select Drip, and you’ll be able to choose exactly where to send these leads.

If you’re mainly interested in knowing whether someone signed up for any webinar, you can send all your Demio contacts through the same workflow. If you run several different kinds of webinars, you could create different workflows that apply webinar-specific tags to each session. It’s up to you.

From there, there are several revenue-boosting steps you can take.

1. Send an extra reminder to early birds. When someone signs up for a webinar, Demio will automatically send them reminder emails immediately and 24 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes before the start time. That’s pretty thorough, but if you hold regular webinars and promote them a week or more in advance, you might want to add an extra reminder or two for the early birds.

You can accomplish this in Drip by using Liquid date filters to automatically determine how far in advance someone has signed up. The workflow below checks to see if there are three or more days before a weekly webinar as soon as someone is tagged as a registrant. If there are, they get an extra reminder after a delay.

Check out Step 2 in this post for a more detailed look at implementing this kind of workflow logic.

In your early email, you might ask registrants to add the event to their calendars, answer a poll about the topics they’re hoping you’ll cover, or even complete a bit of homework. When someone goes through a worksheet or a set of questions to answer before a webinar, they’re likely to become much more invested in actually attending.

2. Factor webinar registration into your lead scoring system. Does your company send certain promising leads to your sales team, into a CRM, or to staff for one-on-one outreach? Drip’s lead scoring feature can be a big help in segmenting strongly interested prospects—and webinar registration is a major signal that someone is strongly interested.

When you’re building the workflow that tags your webinar registrants (and optionally sends an early bird reminder), you can add a step to:

  1. Flag each registrant as a prospect
  2. Record a custom event

Then, go into the Leads section of your Drip account and assign a point value to that custom event.

Now your lead scoring system will reflect this sign of engagement.

3. Give non-purchasers a last chance to get in on your webinar offer. Earlier this year we reported that the Leadpages team typically gets almost a third of its webinar revenue after the event.

How? By sending a simple follow-up sequence to webinar registrants who didn’t purchase.

Now, the Demio integration doesn’t tell Drip when someone has registered but failed to attend—but for your purposes, that doesn’t actually matter.

Your goal is more sales, and if some of those sales come from people who didn’t actually show up, well, who’s complaining?

If you’re using the early bird reminder workflow, insert an appropriate delay to wait until after your webinar has concluded. Then, add a decision point that checks whether registrants have purchased the product you offered on the webinar and sends a follow-up campaign (which can be one or several emails) to anyone who hasn’t.

For best results, frame your follow-up email as the chance to get in on an exclusive, limited-time offer that’s normally only available to webinar attendees. Confront subscribers with a decision, make the decision to buy as appealing as possible, and you may be surprised by how many more new customers your average webinar nets you.

Connect Demio + Drip for More Revenue Per Registrant

To recap: Demio helps you optimize your webinars. Drip helps you optimize your messaging before and after your webinars.

Combine them, and you’ll find it easy to make high-performing webinars a regular part of your marketing routine.

You can use the Demio integration with any Drip plan—including the free-forever, 100-contact plan. If you’d like to see how these two tools work together, grab your account today to get started.

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And if you haven’t tried Demio yet, click here to start a free 30-day trial—available just for readers of this post.

How do you communicate with your webinar registrants? Share a favorite tactic in the comments.