Guest Post: How to Boost Your Facebook Advertising ROI by 75% with Drip + Evergreen Deadlines

Editor’s Note: This guest post comes from Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel, a tool that creates evergreen deadlines across your marketing to boost conversions. Read on to learn how to boost your ROI on Facebook advertising campaigns with Drip, Deadline Funnel, and Lead Ads.

In this post we’re going to talk about how to level up your funnel (and increase conversion rates and sales) using three awesome tools: Drip, Facebook Lead Ads, and Deadline Funnel.

This guide applies to you if:

  • You already use Drip, and you’d like to grow your list faster with qualified leads (that turn into customers) from Facebook
  • You’re just getting started with Drip, and you want to build your email list quickly without spending months blogging
  • You’re interested in how to build a lead generation funnel with the potential to scale

What I’m about to describe is very popular and effective for course creators, but also works if you’re selling software, services, membership sites, or physical products.

It all starts with the two most important numbers in your marketing.

Optimizing your Marketing Funnel

Here’s what a typical marketing funnel looks like:

pasted image 0 20

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On the left, you start at the top of the funnel with a trickle of leads coming in, and then as you move towards the bottom of the funnel (towards the sale), there are multiple “conversion leaks” where leads are dropping out before buying.

As we work to level up your funnel, our two goals are to 1) increase the leads coming in at the top of the funnel and 3) increase the conversion of those leads turning into sales at the bottom.

In this post, I’ll show you how to do both in Drip. But first, I want to run through an example of how small changes to your funnel can lead to big results.

pasted image 0 19

In the above scenario, after cutting the cost per lead in half (from $4 to $2) and increasing the conversion from 10% to 14%, your sales almost triple. 

To put that in perspective, if you spend $1K/month on Facebook ads, these micro-improvements would be the difference between losing $500 per month and making $400 per month in gross profit.

And if you’re thinking that it’s impossible to cut your cost-per-lead in half, don’t worry – we’ll cover exactly how to unlock these gains using Facebook Lead Ads.

According to Massimo Chieruzzi, CEO of the Facebook ad split-testing tool AdEspresso which has managed over $10M in Facebook ad spend, Facebook Lead Ads are an untapped channel for growth.

In my opinion, Facebook Lead Ads are totally underused by Facebook advertisers. Whenever there’s something that’s pretty new and not used a lot, that means Facebook has a lot of inventory, but you don’t have a lot of competition. You can jump in and get cheap prices.

Once you generate those leads, let’s talk about the single-best way we’ve found to convert them into buyers: deadlines.

Why Adding Time Urgency Could Be the Key to Fixing Your Lead Conversion Rate

When we talk about boosting your conversions, there are dozens of tactics you can test. Better copy, extra bonuses, and smarter segmentation can all work wonders.

But few tactics work more consistently–and dramatically–than adding time-limited offers.

In psychology, this effect is called loss aversion.

pasted image 0 24

Some of the most successful companies in the world use deadlines as a key component in how they increase conversions.

On Prime Day 2016, Amazon had their biggest sales day in the company’s history – over $500 million generated in one day.

pasted image 0 23

One of the reasons this happened was because the entire day was devoted to multiple “flash sales” – and buyers only had limited time to snap up deals that were interesting to them.

In the digital products space, one of the clearest examples of deadlines is the classic 3-video product launch.

pasted image 0 16

In most launches, there’s a period right after the first day when you get an initial bump in sales.

Then orders slow down until the final day of the launch (the deadline), when you see another big uptick in sales. In most cases, the final day of the launch will be your biggest revenue day.

Using a countdown timer like Deadline Funnel, you can create an “evergreen” launch so that each new lead who joins your list has their own deadline. This gives you the benefits of people taking action, without the stress and time investment involved in launching a product over and over.

Here’s what an evergreen deadline funnel looks like:

  • If someone enters your 4-day funnel on a Monday, their special offer will expire on Thursday night
  • Deadline Funnel automates this so that every single day each new batch of leads (generated via Facebook Lead Ads) receives the appropriate deadline
  • Every deadline is completely authentic because if a prospect misses the deadline, they won’t be able to access your special offer. These deadlines aren’t just hot air — they are just as consistent and enforced as deals on Prime Day.

The cool thing is that this strategy doesn’t just work with online course creators and ecommerce stores. Deadlines are based on universal human psychology, and can work in virtually any market.

Bonus resource: here is a beastly guide from ConversionXL with 18 authentic scarcity ideas you can test.

Now let’s take a look at an evergreen deadline success story in a challenging niche: real estate.

Case Study: How One Real Estate Agent Increased Lead Conversions by 75% with Evergreen Deadlines

Before we dive into integrating Lead Ads, Drip, and Deadline Funnel, let’s take a look at this campaign from Damian Qualter.

deadline funnel image

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Damian Qualter generates leads in the UK real estate market
  • He saw a 75% increase in lead response rate using Facebook Lead Ads and an evergreen urgency, which enforced a 72-hour deadline to get a tailored consultation on real estate investing (this deadline let prospects know that Damian’s client didn’t have unlimited availability)
  • Using Facebook Lead Ads, Damian was also able to decrease his cost to acquire a qualified lead by 400%.

If a real estate agent can profit from evergreen deadlines, then you can make this work.

One big component in your success, though, is how you communicate the deadline.

That’s where your campaign in Drip comes in.

If you need a template to follow up with Lead Ads prospects, try this:

  • (Day 1) Welcome: Welcome leads, give them their lead magnet, and introduce the offer (and deadline).
  • (Day 2) Social proof: Offer a case study or customer success story. Include plenty of testimonials. Remind them about the deadline.
  • (Day 3) FAQ: Phrase common objections in the form of questions, and overcome those objections in your answers. Remind them that the deadline is in 24 hours.
  • (Day 4) Last chance: Restate the benefits. Mention any guarantee you have. Tell leads that they have 12 hours to take advantage.

These days, it’s super easy to set up Facebook campaigns, pay for a few subscribers, and hope for the best.

But with the right strategy, you can tilt the odds in your favor.

Using this strategy, you will decrease your cost-per-lead (with Facebook Lead Ads) and increase your conversion rate (with scarcity) before you spend a dollar.

This will give you a rock-solid foundation. Hopefully, you can test your way to profitability even faster.

With the strategy out of the way, let’s take a look at how to set up the tech.

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Setting Up the Tech: How to Integrate Drip, Deadline Funnel, and Facebook Lead Ads in 30 Minutes

With Deadline Funnel, you can start each lead’s deadline as soon as they get added to your workflow in Drip.

Here’s what the overall funnel looks like:

deadline funnel image

Someone comes in through a Facebook Lead Ad, gets instantly added to a Drip campaign, then their timer automatically starts in Deadline Funnel.

When the deadline ends at the end of your Drip campaign, Deadline Funnel enforces the deadline so they won’t be able to access your special offer after that point. Instead, they’ll go to a “sorry, this deal has ended” page. And it even works across mobile and desktop.

Creating a campaign in Deadline Funnel that syncs to your Drip campaign is really easy. Here is a guide to setting this up.

pasted image 0 17

Basically, Deadline Funnel provides a webhook that you add to your Drip account. This way, when a new lead is added to a campaign in Drip, they’re automatically tracked in Deadline Funnel, too.

Syncing Facebook Lead Ads to Fill Your Marketing Funnel

If you haven’t yet tried Facebook Lead Ads with Drip, here is a great primer to get you set up.

In Drip, you can push new leads into any workflow, using the “Submitted a landing page” trigger. From there, you can build a funnel using the simple 4-day drip campaign outlined above (or any follow-up campaign you choose).

Your workflow might look something like this:

workflow lead ads

(Note: the Purchased “Cool product” Goal above pulls prospects out of the campaign when they make a purchase. This way, people don’t receive emails pitching a product they already bought.)

Once you connect Deadline Funnel with Drip and connect Facebook leads with Drip, congratulations!

You now have everything you need to generate mobile leads, warm them up, and turn them into customers on desktop—automatically.

Ready to make your Facebook ads profitable?

Deadline Funnel offers a 14-day free trial, but Drip readers can get 60 days of Deadline Funnel free by following this link.

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Question for the comments: Have you tried adding deadlines to your marketing? Have any other questions about making Facebook Lead Ads convert? Leave a comment below and let us know.