Drip + ConvertPlayer: How to Turn Any Video into a Highly Effective Opt-in Form

Most marketing trends have their skeptics. But few are contrarian enough to dispute that video is an exceptionally (and increasingly) powerful form of marketing.

A 2014 study from Vidyard reported that more than 70% of businesses surveyed said their videos out-converted any other form of content. And it’s easy to find case studies from companies large and small to support that claim.

Given that kind of evidence, you might wonder: what if you could capitalize on all that conversion power and let people respond to your call to action directly inside your videos?

With tools like ConvertPlayer, you can. ConvertPlayer is a new tool from Simon Payne, a Prague-based engineer who became immersed in marketing software as the technical cofounder of Leadpages. As of this month, ConvertPlayer integrates directly with Drip—so you can send leads from your videos straight into an email campaign or workflow of your choice.

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Setting up the integration is super simple. Watch Simon demonstrate the steps here:

(And definitely check out Simon’s entire video for more great tips on using Drip and ConvertPlayer together.)

Here are a few of our favorite ConvertPlayer features.

What’s Cool About ConvertPlayer

ConvertPlayer lets you take any video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo and turn it into a conversion point. The only rule: it has to be a publicly listed video.

Yep—that means that it doesn’t even have to be a video from your own account, which is great news for marketers who haven’t yet invested in video content.

In just a few clicks, you can create a call to action that pops up onscreen at a point of your choice, like this:

You can also include a name field if you like, and choose whether it should take over the whole screen or appear at the bottom.

Once you’ve designed your opt-in box, you can add it to …

  • The beginning of your video (useful if you’re positioning your video itself as the lead magnet or opt-in bribe)
  • The end of the video, if you need the entire video to make your opt-in pitch or if you’re adding a related call to action to someone else’s content
  • Partway through the video at an especially compelling point

It’s your choice whether or not to allow viewers to dismiss the opt-in box and continue without providing their info.

Pretty simple, right? And yet it opens up a wealth of opportunities to capture leads right as they’re most engaged with your most engaging content.

Then, when you send those leads to your Drip account, you can use the information ConvertPlayer sends to create some pretty neat follow-up campaigns.

4 Quick Ways to Use Drip + ConvertPlayer Together

1. Create a custom follow-up campaign for your video viewers. This one’s especially powerful if you place your opt-in box at the end of the video—because at that point, you can be certain that your new leads have watched the entire thing. And that’s a valuable piece of information.

One of the simplest ways to use it is to create a quick introductory email expanding on what you discussed in the video. You can start with a simple template like …

Hi there!

I’m so glad you opted in from my (NAME OF VIDEO) video. People who have watched this often ask me, “What should I do next with (INFORMATION COVERED IN VIDEO)?” So I put together a few resources you might find helpful …

Then, link to some related material: blog posts, webinar registration pages, even product pages.

Whatever the best next step is for your viewers, guide them toward it. Integrate your ConvertPlayer opt-in box with the Drip campaign or workflow containing this email, and you’re good to go.

2. Send video-specific bonus content to video viewers. Going one step beyond the “subscribe” call to action, you can use your opt-in box to offer a special opt-in bribe or lead magnet. A free email mini course is an excellent option, or you can offer PDFs, worksheets, or even links to additional special-access videos.

Just create a triggerless workflow designed to send out this bonus email (or series of emails, if you’re sending a multi-part email course), then integrate that workflow with ConvertPlayer when you set up your video.

3. Learn more about your contacts through ConvertPlayer. Even if someone isn’t new to your list, they might opt into your ConvertPlayer box to get a special resource you’re promising. In addition to delivering that resource, you can also have Drip update their timeline with a custom event (viewing the video) and then automatically apply a tag or trigger a workflow of your choice.

For instance, say you want to add people who have watched at least 80% of your enterprise solutions video to a special outreach list for your sales team to follow up with. You can trigger a workflow by setting up a custom event for only those viewers—just filter by the video name (video_name in Drip) and the percentage or duration watched (video_optin_percentage and video_optin_time in Drip, respectively).

What comes next in the workflow is up to you—perhaps applying a tag, starting a targeted campaign, or notifying your sales team.

ConvertPlayer can also help flesh out your contact profiles by adding location information: it will automatically send the viewer’s city, country, and region or U.S. state to Drip, where these details show up as custom fields.

And that means that if you ever have a live event, live webinar, or any other time- or location-sensitive offer to send out in the future, you can make sure to target the people who are most likely to be able to attend.

4. Add Drip trigger links to onscreen CTAs. Of course, if you have a video offer that’s aimed solely at existing subscribers, you probably won’t want to ask them to opt in again. In this case, you can simply swap out your ConvertPlayer opt-in form for a trigger link. It’ll appear like this (link outlined in blue):

Set this trigger link up in Drip beforehand, and use it in a workflow or automation rule that sends out an email, applies a tag to qualify those who clicked for a special bonus, or performs any other action to deliver what your ConvertPlayer banner promised.

This simplifies things for both you and your leads. After all, you can’t get much more user-friendly than a single click.

Get Leads from ConvertPlayer Videos, Then Close Sales with Drip

For a close-up look at this new integration, check out Simon Payne’s full video, which walks you through several of these use cases inside both apps. (But really, both interfaces make this pretty intuitive.)

And remember, if you’re still searching for a conversion-focused video tool, you can get started with a $20 discount, just for being a Drip user.

By combining Drip with ConvertPlayer, you can take some of your best conversion assets—your videos—and use them to kick off an incredibly swift and smooth conversion process. Try it, let your prospects watch, and watch what happens.

Click Here to Start Using Drip with ConvertPlayer (from $0)

Do you use videos on your website or landing pages? Drop a link to your favorite one in the comments.