BigMarker + Drip: How to Use Modern Webinars and Marketing Automation to Sell More This Month

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If you want to drive a ton of growth in your business, there are only two assets you need.

  • An email list of prospects who want your products and services
  • A high-converting webinar to convert those prospects into buyers

That’s it.

It sounds ridiculously simple. And it is. In fact, many businesses (including Leadpages) have used this 2-step marketing formula to scale to tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Here’s the problem. Most entrepreneurs get stuck on the “high-converting webinar” part of the equation.

That’s because many of the “old school” webinar platforms are clunky, mercurial, and just plain frustrating to use.

Luckily, Drip’s newest integration might have just solved this problem for good.

BigMarker is a webinar platform that bills itself as the platform for “modern, no-download webinars.” And unlike other webinar tools, BigMarker gives you done-for-you templates that fit your most common modern use cases, such as webinars, online meetings, virtual summits, and more.

With these done-for-you templates, creating your first webinar can take days instead of months.

bigmarker image

With Drip’s new BigMarker integration, you can quickly and easily trigger email workflows based on your registrants’ and attendees’ behavior.

So if you haven’t yet tried marketing automation with Drip, now’s a great time to …

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Let’s take a look at BigMarker’s coolest features (and how they work with Drip).

What’s Cool About BigMarker

BigMarker is different than most webinar platforms. Here are a few features that stood out when I took a look inside.

With BigMarker, you can…

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Webinars with Your Branding

One of the pain points in other webinar platforms is that every webinar looks pretty much the same.

BigMarker, on the other hand, allows you to quickly and easily customize each event with your own logo and branding.

Like this.


Deliver Automated Webinars

Host and record your webinar once, and play it back 1,000+ times. Attendees will have no idea it’s not live.

BigMarker runs in the browser with no software downloads or installations. This means that, unlike many other webinar platforms, BigMarker won’t lose registrants who spend 10 minutes fumbling through the setup process.

Create Hybrid Automated Webinars with Live Q&As and Calls to Action

You can automate the presentation section of your webinar, but jump in at the end to answer live questions and deliver a strong call to action. Or automate the entire thing—it’s up to you.

Engage with Your Audience Live During Events

You can engage webinar participants with handouts, polls, Q&A chats, BigMarker’s native Twitter-chat integration.


automated webinars

Track, Measure, and Optimize Everything with Webinar Analytics

Have you ever attended a webinar where the host said, “Turn off any devices and give this your full attention”?

The truth is, when you’re designing a high-converting webinar, it’s not all about attendance numbers. As it turns out, viewer engagement matters a lot.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see that BigMarker reports not only your number of attendees throughout the webinar—but also how many are fully engaged. This means you can finally tweak and optimize your webinar to maximize viewer attention. This is a game changer.


Worth noting: BigMarker also lets you track registrations, landing page registration rate, attendance rate, and other key metrics that you’ll find in most major webinar platforms.

Set Up Your Own BigMarker “Channel”

You can build an audience around all your webinar content—upcoming, live, and on-demand—in one place. Click here to see an example.

I couldn’t help but see the parallel to Kissmetrics. Kissmetrics has built up a wildly popular “channel” over the years, compiling all of their webinar recordings into an on-demand educational resource center. Could you create something similar?

webinar channel

How to Use Drip + BigMarker Together to Increase Your Revenue Per Attendee

Integrating Drip and BigMarker is as simple as creating a new webinar, finding “Drip” under Integrations, and authorizing BigMarker access to your Drip account in one click.

Apr 3 2017 4 14 PM Edited Edited 1

Once you’ve set up the one-click integration between Drip and BigMarker, you’ll want to set up at least two main workflows for your event.

1. Send Webinar Registrants into Your Pre-Event Reminder Workflow

In BigMarker, pushing folks into this type of workflow is simple.

First, go into your webinar settings. Next, find Workflow for Registrants and choose your pre-event workflow from the dropdown menu.

registrants workflow 2

And that’s it!

Now webinar registrants will immediately enter your pre-event reminders workflow. Inside, you might have a campaign with reminder emails leading up to the day of the webinar.

Like this.

webinar reminders

Note: To see how to wait until the week of the webinar to send reminders, regardless of when people register for your event, refer to this guide.

2. Add Webinar Attendees to a Follow-Up Sequence to Close the Sale—Automatically

You can also send attendees into any workflow or campaign after they join your webinar.

Like this.

attended workflow

This lets you follow up more aggressively with attendees who haven’t converted.

These people, in most cases, are more interested in your content than non-attendees, and will tolerate more frequent emails and FAQs related to the content in the webinar.

And that’s everything you need to create a high-converting webinar funnel.

But if you really want to maximize your sales, you can create different campaigns for attendees and non-attendees.

Here’s how to do that.

When your webinar is finished, you can perform a bulk operation on everyone who registered.

I’m going to do this by taking everyone tagged Registered for 4.1.17 webinar and putting them into my Webinar followup workflow.

bulk op

bulk op 2

Now here’s where the magic happens.

Because BigMarker is automatically tagging folks who attend, I can put a Decision at the top of my workflow to segment attendees and non-attendees.

Like this.

Note: Hover over the green decision tree above to zoom in.

You can also use a Goal to instantly remove folks when they purchase your product or service. (Hence the Purchased “Video Course” via DPD goal in the workflow above.)

This way, attendees will stop receiving pitches immediately once they’ve bought. And you don’t need to do anything else. You simply give your presentation, perform the bulk operation above (time: 2 minutes), and every subscriber will fall into their appropriate follow-up campaign, based on whether or not they attended.

Drive Scalable Revenue Growth with BigMarker + Drip

With Drip and BigMarker, there are no more excuses not to test webinars in your business.

You can now create beautiful, branded webinars with sophisticated behavioral email workflows that would have previously taken you months to set up, all in one weekend.

It’s never been easier to convert your subscribers into buyers. Click the button below to join Drip for free and get started right now.

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How will you use webinars and email marketing to grow your business this year? Let us know in the comments below.