Build Your Best BFCM Email Campaign

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer major opportunities for ecomm businesses, however, that opportunity comes right alongside steeper-than-ever competition for your customers’ limited attention and dollars. 

So how can you make your business stand out amidst the endless emails offering shiny deals and discounts? Kasey Luck, founder and CEO of Luck & Co Agency, is here to inspire your best BFCM campaign yet, one that is right for your brand, business, and bottom line. Read on (or watch here) and we'll dive into three different email marketing campaigns ideas to inspire your messaging and strategy this holiday shopping season.

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Here we go! 

Ready To Go Steady 

This might sound counter-intuitive, but hear us out: start sending emails to invite people to a new, Black Friday / Cyber Monday email list that offers first or exclusive access to BFCM deals. You'll grab the customers who are ready to commit and have likely already gone steady with your brand. Why is this important? A few reasons...

This pre-commitment provides two advantages: first, you’ve created a segment of “high-intent” shoppers. This means you can personalize your email and SMS messaging, targeting, and marketing to them based on where they are in their customer journey. 

Want to know more about the importance of customer email segments and personalized messaging? Sign up for Drip’s 2021 Holiday Helper and dive into Chapter 4: “Know What To Say With Customer Segmentation.”

Second, when people take a step to “early-commit”, they’re more likely to engage later on because they’ve mentally bookmarked your brand as one whose deals they want to snag. When the promo emails start to flood their inbox, they’ll look for yours and be ready to click, browse, and buy (especially if you take the time to personalize the messaging!). 

In addition, offering early access to the biggest sale of the year might be the strongest incentive you’ll have all year for motivating your email subscribers to enroll in SMS. Don’t miss the chance, as it’s clear that SMS marketing will be integral to ecomm business success in 2022 and beyond. 

This email from ecomm brand, Naadam, is a good example of how you can nudge your email subscribers to jump over to your SMS list:

Focusing on your email segmentation strategy to push your BFCM sales? Keep it simple with a clear message to opt-in and why your customers should do it. You can even go ahead and share the deal that will drop so they know what is on the table, then an easy opt-in button to sign up for first access. Take a note from ecomm brand The Spoiled Mama

More = More 

The second type of campaign is a “staggered” sale. A staggered sale is simply when you offer multiple discounts with the overall approach of “the more you buy, the more you save”. 

This is a strategy you can use year-round to help boost your AOV, but it is especially effective during BFCM when customers are looking to fill up their carts and check people off their gift list. The key is picking discount tiers that are attractive and will motivate your customer to spend to the deal maximum. 

Here’s a great example from MeUndies for Cyber Monday: 

Short, sweet, fun to look at, and effectively communicates the deal teams, and does it all quickly. Everything you want in a BFCM email!

Here’s another way to execute this idea from Foot Cardigan:  

The top part of the email is fun & catchy, and the deal is clear and concise:

When you do a staggered sale, it shouldn’t take your readers any effort or extra time to figure out how your sale works, what they have to spend to get the deal, and if it’s really worth it. Group the terms, codes, and discounts so it is easy for your customers. 

The final example in this group is from ecomm business, Blume. Using a simple, straightforward design they successfully hype their big sale and make it easy for customers to shop. 

The email starts off with a simple announcement that includes date + time: 

The email then moves into the deal being offered with a clear copy and visuals:

Then highlights key info for the holiday season that is top of mind for customers:

The design simplicity of this email is a great example of how to get your message to your customers quickly and effectively.

Make It Matter 

It’s fun to watch companies zig when everyone else zags. Discounting is the name of the game on Black Friday, but you can stand out by choosing to do something else AND still boost your bottom line. How? Advocate for a cause that matters to your brand, business, and customers. 

Patagonia started this trend in 2011 when they published a full-page ad in the New York Times that said “Don’t Buy This Jacket”:

They have built a business and brand focused on minimizing environmental impact as their guiding force all year-round. Customers are encouraged to utilize their repair workshop for the lifetime of a product and shop their used, repaired products online. What’s more, they consistently invest in sustainable materials, manufacturing, and external initiatives that put the planet first.  So when Black Friday rolls around, it’s a chance to stand behind their values once again. The result? Even stronger brand loyalty from their customers, and a bottom-line boost to boot. 

Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard, famously said: 

“I know it sounds crazy, but every time I’ve made a decision that’s best for the planet, I’ve made money.” 

In 2019, the company took it up a notch yet again, when they donated 100% of their Black Friday sales to charities focused on saving the planet. They had “record-breaking” sales that Black Friday and ended up donating $10M to grassroots organizations that work in local communities to “protect our air, water, and soil for future generations”. (CNBC)

AllBirds is a DTC brand that takes a similar “alternative Black Friday” approach and also chooses to underscore their commitment to the environment and sustainability during the shopping event. Last year, they went with a tagline “Break Tradition, Not the Planet” and instead of offering a discount, they actually RAISED their prices during Black Friday:

Want to take this approach with your brand? Don’t be afraid to sing it from the rooftop; being loud and proud of the decision will let customers know you truly believe in your cause and want everyone to get on board. Enthusiasm is infectious, so share yours generously. 

An email campaign to introduce your campaign can be simple, honest, and personal, like this example from ecomm brand The Citizenry


Your Turn...

We hope you are inspired to create a BFCM campaign of your own, something YOUR audience will love this holiday season. If you need more help picking a discount or offer a strategy for your BFCM campaigns, check out this post. Get started now and you’ll be set up for success this BFCM, and Drip makes it easy with beautiful, designer-created email templates so every email sparkles like tinsel. Try them out here!