Top 5 Automated Ecommerce Campaigns that Drive ROI

One of the double edged swords of ecommerce marketing is the sheer number of opportunities you have to connect with your customers. So many places to engage and drive revenue. On the flip side, how do you know where to focus your energy to create a cohesive customer experience? We’ve got you covered with these five automated ecommerce campaigns. If you do nothing else with your ecommerce marketing, get these five automated campaigns off the ground. 

We hand-picked each based on their high-converting nature and ease of creating a cohesive customer experience. From acquisition to lifelong fan, your customer will never feel over-emailed or neglected.

With the right product that solves a problem for customers and a solid acquisition strategy to capture your prospect’s attention, you should be all set, right? Almost. You also need the right ecommerce marketing automation platform, which helps you create a customer experience that drives ROI and creates brand loyal fans. Owning the customer lifecycle is of utmost importance. That’s why we love these five strategies-you can automate owning the customer experience—leaving the customer feeling like you truly understand them and care about their experience.


First-up is implementing a welcome series automation. People who visit your website and also opt-in have a certain anticipation and excitement about them. Think pre-vacation excitement… you’re not 100% sure what the trip will entail yet, but you’re going, and you know it’s going to be great. It’s important to tap into these feelings by welcoming new people and reinforcing why you stuck out to them in the first place. While your copy isn’t typically super sales-y, this automation typically generates a good amount of revenue—it’s all about capturing interest and genuinely sharing what you’re all about.

When you go to implement this welcome series, we recommend optimizing your ROI in a few ways: 

  • In your second or third email go ahead and include blocks of your top selling products. It can’t hurt to show this prospect some of your most admired items-chances are good you’ll pique their interest.
  • We also see a conversion lift when you make your support team accessible in these emails, especially if you sell products with a bit more complexity to them. It’s entirely possible someone is interested in buying, but has a little concern in the back of their mind your team can remedy in an instant.
  • Consider offering a discount in exchange for the email address provided to you. This is especially important if you promised a discount on your opt-in form. Don’t forget to deliver!

Abandoned Browse

Abandoned browse is an awesome ecommerce marketing campaign that is slightly more overlooked than the all-important welcome series. We sometimes hear that people shy away from this one because it feels just a little… “creepy.” Fear not! You can and should implement this campaign without it feeling creepy. 

Here’s why it’s so important: the fact someone has gotten to your site and not bounced is fantastic! And actually, people who do not bounce are in the minority. So it’s a pretty big deal if someone opts-in and then proceeds to view some products.

Here’s a few ways to optimize ROI with abandoned browse and execute without leaving your prospects creeped out: 

  • Carefully curate your copy. You want this communication to feel more like a helpful reminder than a robotic “Hello. You have visited my website and viewed exactly three products - one of them twice. I’m reminding you to return. Thank you."
  • Test your subject lines and copy. Try sending one email that shows gratitude for their interest and asks them if they have any questions. In another email, simply send more information about the products viewed and perhaps some reviews from satisfied customers. You’ll soon find out which works better for you!

Abandoned Cart

We’ve arrived at the trusty old abandoned cart! There’s a reason abandoned cart is one of the most commonly recommended automations in ecommerce marketing. This series WORKS in driving huge amounts of revenue that you might otherwise miss.

Sometimes people have questions about items they’re thinking about buying. Sometimes people genuinely forget about their cart because they didn’t have their credit card handy or their dog was impatiently reminding them it’s five minutes past dinner time. We don’t always know why consumers abandon, but what we do know is that they abandon all. the. time. Maybe you yourself as a consumer can relate—have you abandoned a cart recently? Why did you and what reminders resonated with you?

Abandoned cart emails are pretty much expected these days. Consumers are surprised when they don’t receive them. Someone who has made it all the way down the funnel to selecting items is really interested. Don’t lose their momentum!

If you have some extra time, here are a few suggestions to optimize ROI for your abandoned cart campaign:

  • Include product specific reviews. Eliminating any questions a person might have in the back of their mind is well worth the time! Social proof sells. That’s a fact.
  • If you have a phone number or email address for your support team—include it in the email! Take any chance you get to delight your customer with the awesome people on your team. Even just the perception of accessibility to your caring team gives a conversion lift.

Fulfillment Gap

The fulfillment gap isn’t talked about a lot, but it’s one of our favorite automations here at Drip. A big part of ecommerce marketing is building excitement and anticipation. Your customers trust you enough to buy something they haven’t seen in 3D yet at all. Your marketing got them to purchase, and now it’s time to continue along the customer journey–delighting them with the product experience.

The fulfillment gap is defined as the time between when someone places an order and actually receives the goods. Use this time to show gratitude, share some insights about the product purchased, and overall just build anticipation in the product’s arrival. Post-purchase emails have an incredibly high open rate, so these emails are well worth your time!

Here’s why you’re optimizing ROI during the fulfillment gap:

  • Happy customers are worth their weight in gold. People will remember that you took the time to curate an experience.
  • A big part of retention is simply that the first purchase went well. No hiccups in the ordering process and a good product experience. It’s actually really hard to fix a bad product experience and may cost you valuable time and money! By communicating everything you can to your customer about the product and how to use it, you’re ensuring happiness and retention.

Drive Second Purchase

Have you ever made a purchase and then never heard from the company again, even though you know you’re still subscribed to receive emails? Yeah, that’s all too common. It seems most brands are either way too heavy or way too light with the emails. 

The good news is that using these five strategies will instantly make you look better because you’re staying in touch, but also not overdoing it. You have respect for the customer’s inbox and only take up space in their inbox and mind when you have something valuable to share.

So, don’t stop marketing to someone because they purchased. And do not just add them to your generic bulk emails that go out once a week and call it a day! You’ve spent the time curating a fantastic customer experience–and you can also automate your follow-up nudging someone to purchase again, so why not?

Here are a couple tips to successfully get that second purchase: 

  • Show smart blocks of recommended products in the follow-up emails. The  right marketing automation platform will have the ability to recommend products based on the person’s first purchase, taking all the guesswork and legwork out of it for you!
  • Make sure you time these emails appropriately. Figure out what the typical amount of time is between first and second purchase. No one likes getting sales emails about other great products before they’ve had the chance to appreciate their first purchase yet.

Go Forth and Conquer

Well that does it! You are now briefed on the essential automated ecommerce marketing campaigns. As you implement these strategies, remember to always personalize emails when you can. Adding someone’s first name, references to past products purchased, their city, the weather (really, whatever makes sense for your brand) makes a huge difference. Proper segmentation will make your emails land at the perfect time; proper personalization adds that extra feel-good touch.

Ecommerce marketing can be overwhelming, but we believe it doesn’t have to be. By following our recommendations for these five automated campaigns you’re well on your way to crafting an exceptional customer experience. Huzzah!