How Saint Jane Beauty Grew Their Brand With a Welcome Email Series

Entering 2020 as a CBD beauty brand in its pivotal second year, Saint Jane Beauty faced many challenges. They navigated a Zoom-first world and online CBD (cannabidiol) marketing restrictions, to name a couple. 

Using Drip’s email marketing automation platform, Saint Jane Beauty was able to level up their marketing strategy and use their welcome email series to grow their brand during a global pandemic. 

“The automated workflow has been a really great growth driver for us.  A welcome email is so easy to do - before it was a heavy lift - with Drip it’s so easy.” — Daniela Maron, VP of Marketing at Saint Jane Beauty. 

Using our pre-built playbooks, Saint Jane Beauty was able to implement ecommerce best practices—like their welcome series—in just a few clicks. Here’s how Saint Jane Beauty used Drip to average a 40% click-through rate and a 28% conversion rate on their welcome series emails. 


Drive email signups with a popup form

The first step? To get people onto their email list. 

Saint Jane Beauty captures traffic from their website with a popup form + special discount to drive email signups. 

Saint Jane Beauty

Once you get someone’s email address you’re one step closer to owning the relationship—and to driving that first purchase. Using Drip’s Shopify integration, Saint Jane Beauty was able to turn those signups into loyal customers and grow their business through email marketing automation. 

Welcome customers (and automate it!)

Automating the process of welcoming customers to their brand, and educating them on their products allowed Saint Jane Beauty to grow and bring in revenue while the team focused on other tasks.

If you’re looking to grow your ecommerce brand, Daniela Maron recommends setting up a welcome email series. 

“The welcome series is really important because it’s their first introduction to the brand. You have to really captivate them, and keep them in it.” — Daniela Maron, VP of Marketing at Saint Jane Beauty. 

Saint Jane Beauty's first welcome email.

Highlight key benefits

In welcome emails, the key is to keep the content of the email concise—while highlighting what’s important about the brand.

Saint Jane Beauty shows the breadth of their brand by sending five welcome emails, versus trying to stuff everything in one or two. The team worked hard to get their creative and messaging focused specifically on new customers. 

Saint Jane Beauty's second welcome email.

Use welcome series to educate  

Because Saint Jane Beauty uses CBD in their formulas, it was super important for them to own the relationship so they could educate customers on CBD. 

“Drip has been amazing because we can speak to CBD in a really informative and educational way. Which is so, so important, because there’s so much bad info about CBD.” — Daniela Maron, VP of Marketing at Saint Jane Beauty. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s the second most prevalent of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. Because of this, there are tight regulations when it comes to selling products that contain CBD. To help solve this, they relied on their email program even more. 

Saint Jane Beauty's educational welcome email.

Sprinkle in some social proof 

Throughout their welcome emails, Saint Jane Beauty includes just the right amount of social proof. 

If you go overboard with reviews and testimonials it can come off as inauthentic. If you don’t include enough social proof, you risk missing the mark with new customers—who typically look to reviews to validate their decision to buy. 

Saint Jane Beauty's social proof welcome email.

Clearly, it’s working for them. Here are some impressive stats from their welcome series: 

  • 73.3% open rate 

  • 40.0% click-through-rate

  • 28.3% conversion rate  

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