Post-Purchase Emails For Long-Term Love

Your customer made a purchase, congrats! With all the work that goes into getting those conversions, it might seem like that is the end goal. However, that’s where the fun is only just beginning. 

As the ecommerce space becomes more competitive, having an effective post-purchase strategy is essential. It will help you secure a coveted repeat purchase, boost CLTV, and get customers to proudly proclaim themselves “brand enthusiasts” and have the order history to back it up. 

A strong post-purchase strategy introduces your customer to loyalty-building content such as your brand and mission, “what to expect” at key points during the customer journey, or help and support in thoughtful ways they might not have thought to ask about. 

So while an order confirmation can get the job done, don’t stop there. Take inspiration from some great brands below on how to take your post-purchase emails to the next level. You’ll be rewarded with long-term love from your clients, and that’s juice that’s always worth the squeeze.    

Hers: customer journey support.

This email is notable as a post-purchase email that is specifically timed to a pivotal moment in the post-purchase customer experience. The timing and content help build trust between customer and brand, get ahead of potential customer service inquiries, and help prevent churn from an issue that is “part of the process.” 


Ilia Beauty: post-purchase follow-up.

We talk a lot about extolling the virtues of your brand and what sets you apart. This post-purchase email from Ilia is a perfect example of that embedded into a beautifully designed post-purchase email. Ilia knows its customers care about what’s in their makeup, how it was created, and how it’s being packaged. The copy in this email is speaking directly to customer pain points, and reminding them of the good their purchase is doing before it even arrives. 



Parade: shipping confirmation.

Shipping confirmation? Yes, and so much more. This email does a great job of reiterating the brand’s mission and benefits, as well as laying out what customers can expect when they receive their order. Everything about this email hypes the product and makes a customer excited to receive their package. It also includes a personalized referral link with a redeemable offer code. Make it easy for your customers to share the love from the get-go! 


Refreshments - order confirmation.

An order confirmation might be your customer’s first introduction to your email presence. If they love you on your website enough to purchase, they’re hoping to see the same elements carry over into your emails. Creating an order confirmation email that is fun, engaging, and offers valuable content tells your customer that future emails will also follow suit and are worth opening.

Beyond Yoga: review request.

This request for feedback on a recent purchase is essential. What makes this email special is how easy it is to submit. Plus, it wraps up with a little brand info to remind customers who they are and more reasons to love them.

Beyond Yoga

A little bit of shine on your post-purchase emails will make sure your acquisition efforts don't go to waste. Your follow-up sends are how to take a one-time fling and turn it into a love story. You've got this!