Ecommerce Post Purchase Emails We Love

What’s more exciting than making a new purchase? For customers and ecommerce merchants alike, it’s a pretty exciting thing. An excellent post-purchase campaign capitalizes on this excitement while simultaneously introducing your new customer to your brand and mission, fostering loyalty, and creating opportunities to turn one-time customers into repeat VIPs. 

Not sure how to start creating your own? Here are a few examples we think are great.

1. Crate and Barrel

Crate & Barrel


This email is so simple and cool. First off, the design and visual layout are gorgeous and completely on point with the Crate & Barrel brand. They’re doing a few great things with content too, from the simple thank you message to the inclusion of the customer service number. They also feature product recommendations based on the original purchase. Nailed it!

2. Food52



While this email technically falls more under the category of a transactional email (ie, here’s your order and your tracking info), there are a few elements that are worth mentioning. Specifically, they’ve incorporated referring a friend directly into the campaign. 

Nobody ever said you had to keep your VIP campaign and your post-purchase campaigns separate!

3. Ilia Beauty



We talk a lot about extolling the virtues of your brand and what sets you apart. This post-purchase email from Ilia is a perfect example of that. Ilia knows its customers care about what’s in their makeup, how it was created, and how it’s being packaged. The copy in this email is speaking directly to customer pain points, and reminding them of the good their purchase is doing before it even arrives. 

4. Bellroy



This email is a 30-day check-in and a request for customer feedback. It’s likely this email is coming at the tail end of their post-purchase campaign after their customers already have received their products (remember, it’s best to wait until the delivery has been made before asking for feedback). The copy is also speaking directly to customer outcomes. 

5. Parade


This email is just so cool. Sent before the customer even received their merchandise, it does a great job of reiterating the brand’s mission and benefits, as well as laying out what customers can expect when they do receive their orders. It also includes a referral link and a redeemable offer code. Get those repeat purchases!

6. Wayre


Sometimes simple is just better. For this brand, concerned with making travel more sustainable, this email is on point. The copy reiterates that this is a small business and restates its mission, and the inclusion of product photos and social links makes this a wonderfully simple yet effective message.

7. Trill Paws

Trill Paws

Even shorter and even sweeter! We love this simple, quick, heartfelt message.

8. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga


This request for feedback on a recent purchase is awesome. It’s personalized and includes the product they’re requesting and an easy form to submit. They include more information at the end of their email about their brand as well.