Drip & Justuno: Two Ecommerce Tools to Boost Your Shopify Sales Now

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It’s not every day you can use just three ecommerce tools, and create a high-converting, lead-generating powerhouse that fuels your online business.

But, lucky for you, today is that day.

When you use Justuno to capture email addresses from people perusing your online store, you untap one helluva resource. Suddenly, you have the power to turn passive browsers into active leads you can reach out to, have meaningful communication with, and retarget with targeted Facebook ads—all through Drip.

It really is that easy.

Sell great products on your store. Get the email address of people interested in what you’re selling. Reach out to those curious shoppers with personalized, automated, and engaging emails. Repeat.

It’s a fool-proof ecommerce marketing cycle that drives conversions up. Way up. See how you can set this up for your own ecommerce ventures with the help of Justuno, Drip, and Shopify.

What Is Shopify?

If you’re in the business of selling anything online—from books to handmade goods to online courses and everything in-between—you’ve heard of Shopify.

It’s one of the easiest ways to plant ecommerce roots, whether you sell through a website, on Facebook, or beyond. Even those fresh to the ecommerce scene can build a website dressed head to toe in your brand, from scratch. And you don’t have to hire experts to set up things like payment processors or analytics.

This makes it the perfect platform for everything from SMBs with limited resources and little midnight oil to burn, to major ecommerce retailers with profit on their mind. Read this article to learn about more ecommerce platforms.


A handsome Shopify storefront by Drip customer If I Made.

While Shopify is a great place to open up shop, they don’t exactly offer great built-in ways to capture lead information from everyone browsing your virtual shelves.

This means you might have thousands of site visitors, but you won’t be able to start a conversation with them, offer them a discount, or give away a free gift to them, since you don’t know how to get in touch with them until they actually become a customer.

That’s where Justuno fits into the picture.

What Is Justuno?

Justuno is the easiest way to get more information about each passive Shopify store browser who crosses your path. When someone leaves your online store without making a purchase, they’re gone. Dust in the wind. History.

Unless you have a comprehensive lead generation tool like Justuno.

Instead of facing a dismal disconnection between your store and your could-be customers, Justuno’s lead capture pop-ups and website messaging turns passive website traffic into active leads for your business.

A very enticing exit-intent pop-up lead generation box I made in roughly 30 seconds.
I'm no wizard. Justuno is just that user-friendly.

Justuno has an intuitive builder that makes creating pop-up boxes, message bars, and more lead generation features for your store a simple task you can check off your list in just minutes.

You can also target and segment visitors based on a variety of actions, such as exit intent, page views, time on site, visit frequency, geolocation, and more, for a tailored customer experience.

Justuno even makes it easy to apply offer-specific tags inside the app to anyone who clicks on lead gen campaigns. This saves you time and makes for seriously simple segmentation later on.

(Want to know more about that? Justuno just released a great post featuring its in-app tagging feature and how it works with Drip.)

When you get a visitor’s email address, you have the power to start a conversation with them—and potentially everyone who visits your site. It’s a chance to build your email list, make special offers based on someone’s behavior, and reach out to stay top of mind.

Justuno lets ecommerce stores like yours build long-lasting relationships between your leads and your brand. That’s the real magic behind any online store that builds customer loyalty, increases conversions, drives repeat purchases, and more.

Try Drip for free. Complete the trio.

Use Drip and Justuno with Shopify for Total Ecommerce Domination

How can you use Drip and Justuno to help your Shopify store? Well, let's find out.

Here are two things we now know:

1. Shopify is a great way for you to sell things online, even if you’re short on time or resources.

2. Justuno is how you get information about the people who are looking at the things you’re selling online so you can keep the conversation going.

And here’s one thing that’s about to blast your conversions out of the water:

1. Drip can fully leverage the information you get from Justuno and use it to automate your email marketing, Facebook ads, and much more, to increase conversions in your Shopify store.

When you use Drip, the first ecommerce customer relationship manager (ECRM) in town, you can get closer to your Shopify store traffic than ever before.

Once information is gathered through easy-to-use pop-ups from Justuno, Drip can start learning more about your leads, then make personalized messages and customer paths to better understand and communicate with your leads.

Imagine a common scenario like this one:

A person visits your site while looking for a new cat toy. They spend a little time searching, clicking page to page, and as they’re about to leave, a cleverly branded pop-up form appears. They’re being offered 15% off their first purchase if they enter their email address.

For them, this is a no-brainer. Fifteen percent off the latest whirly-gig for their cat, Mr. Puff, is the best deal they’ve found so far. They place the cat toy in their cart, grab their coupon code from their email inbox, and complete their purchase.

Lucky for you, your Shopify store and Justuno account are connected to your Drip account. With an integration like that, Drip has already started learning about your cat-loving customer. Drip knows things like the pages they’ve visited (and how many times), the product categories they’re most interested in, what emails they’re most likely to open, and how much they’ve bought from your Shopify store.

Example of a workflow that is triggered when someone visits the “cat toys” category three or more times.

This insight lets you understand your customer, be proactive with their needs, and engage them through meaningful and personalized conversations. If Mr. Puff’s human visits the page for a self-cleaning litter box more than three times, send him more information about it, show him an ad for that litter box on Facebook, and even give them a special VIP offer for that very product.

Or imagine Mr. Puff’s human placed that litter box in his cart, but never checked out. Drip can detect when this happens and automatically put him in an automated workflow designed to encourage him to finish his purchase.


The fancy email sent to remind Kevin that he left something behind.

Mr. Puff’s dad will feel like you’re reading his mind with that juicy VIP discount on the litter box he’s been eyeing. Plus, you’ve been sending him such nice emails that make him feel appreciated and important.

He’s heading back to buy that litter box right meow.

Engaging communication with tailored messaging means you’ll be more on top of your abandoned cart recovery than ever before, which will recoup lots of conversions and revenue to drive the success of your Shopify store to the moon.

The Ecommerce Conversion-crushing Trio You Can’t Ignore

The number of ways you can use Drip to unlock the full potential of every email address you collect is almost endless. You can start simple with easy-to-implement email campaigns—like a quick three-email welcome campaign just to say “Howdy!” when someone signs up.

Or you can get increasingly clever with every new insight you learn about people on your list. Make cart abandonment recovery automated workflows, upsell and cross-sell campaigns, personalized emails using Liquid code, and beyond.

Powerful and personal communication will bring your customer closer to your company. And since you can automate nearly every part of the customer experience, this in-context engagement will constantly be running in the background.

That lets you take care of the other parts of your business that require your time—no need to constantly monitor which customer is doing what and reacting manually every time (a major time- and money-saver).

It all starts with a well-stocked Shopify store, good-looking branded lead generation features from Justuno, and the secret sauce to increasing customer loyalty and conversions—Drip.

Want to try Drip with your Justuno and Shopify accounts? Start for free today, connect all three platforms, and unleash the power within.

Connect Drip. Master Ecommerce.