Attribute More Revenue to Your Welcome Series with These Three Tips

When a prospect gives you their email address, it’s a big deal. Second only to that person making their first purchase. The messaging that comes after someone entrusts you with their sacred email address is a crucial piece of the ecommerce puzzle. Insert: Welcome Series.

Your Welcome Series is one of the first touchpoints a person has with your brand; it sets the tone for the relationship. We track the amount of revenue that our customers make with various strategies and Welcome Series automations typically generate 25%+ of all attributed revenue. Holy ROI!  

Maybe you already have a Welcome Series converting window shoppers and shy onlookers to customers, but it never hurts to set aside some time to implement something new. Here are three tips straight from the horse’s mouth. You know, that metaphorical horse’s mouth, the one with all the ecommerce goodness.

Tell Your Story

People love stories and retain them better than other types of information. Try adding a story told by your company’s CEO/Founder explaining why they built the company, a little bit about its history, and the people behind the brand. Sign off the email by letting them know that they can reach out with questions at any time.

Done right, these emails make a great impression on people and convey a sense of care about the company. It really makes your brand two dimensional. It moves you from, “just another t-shirt company on the internet” in the consumer's mind to… “Jim’s t-shirts, founded in Jim’s mother’s basement trying to make money for beer during college and now employs other college students to give them their first start and uses organic USA grown cotton to minimize the impact on the environment.” Now THAT story differentiates on multiple levels!

BONUS: The first email in Welcome Series typically has the highest open rate out of any email in an automation, so leverage the attention and eyeballs to your advantage!


Test Discounts. Save Cash.

Decision in a Workflow.

Drip’s pre-built Welcome Series Workflow includes a Decision before the discount. That Decision asks if someone has placed an order. If they have purchased from you this means you have attributed revenue to your awesome Welcome Series and they didn’t use that discount only you know is hiding at the bottom of the Workflow. The people who have not yet purchased, though, are surprised with a discount.

One quick thing you can do to uplevel your discounting strategy is adding a Split Test to see which discount works the best. Who knows, you could find out that a 10% discount is equally as effective as a 15% discount… keeping 5% more cash in your pocket! 

Here’s an example of that Split Test:

Split Test for discounts.


Here at Drip, we’ve found that smaller discounts often work just as well as larger ones. You very well might find out that 10% and 15% discounts convert the same. One of our customers actually discovered a 5% discount didn't really do anything extra to convert compared to no discount at all, so they stopped offering it. That saved them a massive amount of money over time!

BONUS: If you offer a discount for signup make sure it's sent to them via email in addition to showing it on screen after someone submits their email address. This increases the chances that they will use it right away.

Share Your Social Channels


People are interested in your brand at this point, don’t forget that they just gave you their email address— the second strongest indicator that they are interested in YOU. This is a great time to make them aware of other channels where they can interact with your brand such as Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. People are often hungry to learn more about you so don’t be afraid to ask them to join your community outside of email!