4 Ways Drip Revolutionizes the Shopify Customer’s Experience

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Shopify is the gilded gateway to selling stuff online. Whether you’re a big operation or just getting started, it’s a relatively risk-free way to pop up an online shop in a matter of minutes instead of months.

With no need to gamble your savings and invest in a brick-and-mortar store or a team of employees, Shopify enables even the smallest ideas to grow into big businesses.

In a dream world, though, your Shopify store would go beyond the transaction—it would be more than selling things to people you don’t know and being happy with just the cash padding your wallet.

Creating a lifestyle around your store and cultivating loyal customers with long-term staying power is the difference between just running another online store and owning the online store customers tell their friends about.

The reality is that reaching the ecommerce apex of customer engagement and loyalty can only be reached if you go the extra step toward understanding your customers. Be proactive in their happiness, and they’ll take notice. And Drip is just the way to serve up delight when your customers need it most.

How Shopify Stores Are Making More Moolah with Drip

In a nutshell, Drip’s ecommerce customer relationship management (ECRM) makes the best possible use of Shopify’s insights by connecting everything you need for online success in one platform.

By weaving darn smart automations from Drip with Shopify, you’ll soon see what your customers actually need from you.

When you connect Shopify to your Drip account, you unlock super powers like tracking the lifetime value of your subscribers, viewing purchase histories, and automating off of actions your site visitors are taking.

1. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

Not everything in the history of abandoned things was left behind intentionally.

We’re human. And sometimes we get distracted—especially by all the things vying for our attention on the web. It’s bound to happen that customers click away from their cart, forgetting to return and seal the deal.

Plugging Shopify into Drip gives you the power to automatically identify and get in touch with shoppers who wandered away thanks to smart shopping cart recovery workflows.

If a customer creates or updates a checkout in Shopify but doesn’t finish the order in, say, 20 minutes, they may have just abandoned their cart. With a cart recovery workflow, you can easily start sending them an email campaign that encourages them to get back to their cart ASAP—and you can do it automatically.

This campaign starts by reminding the shopper they left something behind, complete with a link back to their cart for easy access. By the end of three emails outfitted with reminders, help, and even a coupon, odds are good your shopper has made their way back to their cart.

That’s revenue that would have been left behind, and a customer that wouldn’t’ve experienced your human relationship. 

2. Win Back Customers Who Ghosted

What do you do when a customer suddenly stops shopping with you? They’ve been a fan of yours in the past, but for one reason or another, they’ve stopped coming through your digital doors. Now what?

Drip can see when customers come back to your store—and when they aren’t coming to your store. With insights like that, you can automatically reach out to customers when they’ve been inactive for 90, 180, or 365 days (or whatever time increment you choose).

When one-time customers hit milestones of inactivity, reach out and engage with them through personalized email campaigns and Facebook ads. Sometimes, all your customers need to know is that you remember them. So, toss a thoughtful nudge or an enticing coupon their way, and you’ll be surprised by how many customers you’ll win back.

3. Meet Your Customers Where They Are (Spoiler Alert: They’re on Facebook)

Not only are more people joining Facebook and Instagram every day, but those who log in are spending more time there, too. With nearly an hour of time spent on Facebook every day, the average person is giving a generous portion of their free time to scrolling news feeds and status updates.

If your customers are on Facebook that much, shouldn’t you be, too? When Shopify and Drip come together, you can put the products your customers are actually interested in right where they’re already scrolling and clicking.

Have the ability to automatically add customers to Facebook custom audiences and show them tailored ads for the product they were just looking at (but didn’t buy). The perfect retargeting ad in Facebook, with a coupon or reminder, might be just what they need to convert.

Then, if your customer becomes a proud owner of the product that was just shown to them on Facebook, your smart workflow can even remove them from the previous custom audience and add them to a different one that promotes a great upsell or cross-sell of a related item.

4. Give Curious Shoppers the Push They Need Purchase

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew just when to talk to customers at the peak of their interest? The union of Shopify and Drip makes it possible to build workflows that identify which of your customers are visiting product categories, or specific product pages, multiple times so you know just when to reach out.

Odds are good that if one of your customers has visited the page for Product X, Y, or Z three times, they’re probably on the cusp of making a purchase. With an automated workflow, you can identify when this happens, then trigger a workflow that hits your customer with retargeted Facebook ads and a juicy email campaign that speaks right to their interests.

But Wait! Doesn’t Shopify Have Built-in Tools to Help Me?

Shopify is chock-full of features for your ecommerce venture. And while the platform does have some automation available—such as sending a one-time email to try and recover abandoned carts—comprehensive, long-term, background ecommerce marketing automation is not its bread and butter.

Which is exactly how it should be. Shopify’s mission is to break down the barriers to selling online, not to be an ecommerce marketing automation powerhouse (that’s our job). That’s why integrating Shopify with Drip is a no-brainer.

See Your Shopify Customers in Full Color

Drip’s intelligent ECRM can keep track of all the things your Shopify customers are doing, then react with meaningful and effective communications at just the right time. We’re talkin’ long-term nurturing and relationship-building, here.

Shopify is one of our most exciting integrations because the possibilities are, really, endless when you plug Drip into Shopify and use our JavaScript snippet. Drip’s .js snippet will track site analytics, like visitors and conversions, while allowing you the flexibility to track which pages your customers are visiting. What products do they visit more often? Do particular product categories have more power with your subscribers over others?

Do everything from recovering abandoned carts to triggering automations when someone gives a product review and beyond. When you nurture your customers and communicate with them the way they deserve, you’ll become the ecommerce shop everyone flocks to time and time again.

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