Y-Verge Ecommerce Agency Unleashes Client Growth by Uniting Data and Marketing with ECRM

If you’re an agency or consultant, all you ever want is to unleash success for your clients. Whether that’s more customers, more revenue, more conversions (or, ya know, all of those things together), your focus is helping your clients win.

Sometimes, though, that’s not always the easiest task if you don’t have the tools you need. It’s like asking a carpenter to build a stool without a hammer. (It can be done, but everything would be a lot easier if they could just have a hammer.)

Y-Verge is an ecommerce agency that’s all too familiar with cobbling together ill-fitting solutions. With a focus on collecting rock-solid data to plan and optimize ecommerce marketing strategies, it’s crucial that Y-Verge is able to incorporate all that information seamlessly. However, they were losing faith as they burned through ESP after ESP.

The fact is, your run-of-the-mill email service provider wasn’t ready to handle the strategies Y-Verge wanted to set up. With dreams of machine learning, automation, and personalization at scale, they were forced to piece together their own solutions in-house.

All of that changed when Y-Verge found Drip. As an ecommerce customer relationship manager (ECRM), Drip can handle heaps of data and work it into one-of-a-kind marketing campaigns for every type of online store. Y-Verge didn’t need another ESP, they needed an ECRM all along.

ECRM: Y-Verge’s Secret Weapon

Like I said, Y-Verge has a nose for data. The folks over there know what data is important for their clients, and they aren’t about to make any sort of decision by just following their gut before consulting the facts.

By collecting data about their ecommerce clients’ customers, Y-Verge is able to better understand their behaviors and patterns—the “why” and “what” of each customer journey.

But even though Y-Verge had a good foundation for what data they wanted to collect, the email marketing tools they had been using weren’t able to keep up. ESPs are awesome for people sending newsletters or blog updates, but Y-Verge realized they’re too lightweight for ecommerce businesses wanting to 2X, 10X, or 20X their revenue.

Y-Verge needed a solution that would save them from piecing together their own solutions and help them bring their marketing aspirations into reality. They needed an ecommerce customer relationship manager.

Leon Yeh, founder of Y-Verge, said, “We’ve used every single other ESP out there, and we stuck with Drip because it’s just the right choice.”

Y-Verge found that with Drip, they could abandon the script they had put together. Instead of manually and tediously rebuilding the wheel with every client and every campaign, they could count on Drip.

The ECRM quickly became their secret weapon for collecting customer insights and turning them into solid gold marketing strategies.

Y-Verge Hit the Agency Trifecta: Focus, Speed, and Affordability

An ECRM is designed to pick out any bits of data you could want from ecommerce customers, then use that data to deploy relevant, timely, and personalized marketing campaigns. Drip is able to bridge the gap between customers and the online stores they shop at with better experiences from first look to checkout.

Because of the details Drip is able to find and store about ecommerce customers, Y-Verge was able to focus on the information that was most relevant to their clients. They could also build tested blueprints of automated workflows and campaigns to apply to various clients, saving them time and saving their clients money.

Since implementing Drip with their ecommerce clients, they’ve been able to bring in more customers, conversions, and revenue for their clients—even helping save one online shop from the brink of going out of business.

Get the Skinny on the Entire Agency + ECRM Love Story

Y-Verge has helped their clients grow after discovering the ECRM power of Drip. To dig deeper into how this ecommerce agency used Drip to collect data and craft intuitive and personalized automated marketing strategies, check out their full story below.


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