Making Spice-Buying Personal: How The Spice House Saw 40% Revenue Growth in 10 Months Using Ecommerce CRM

Since 1957, one local coffeehouse-and-spice-shop combo has been a hub for peppered conversation and unbeatable aromas for folks across Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For nearly six decades, The Spice House has been pioneering how people buy spices, from in-store to mail order to online.

Brick-and-mortar Spice House stores deliver a memorable (and unbeatable) in-person shopping experience. Before snagging any of the 400 spices, rubs, blends, or extracts off the shelves, you can waft, taste, smell, and, in some cases, grind exactly what you’re going to swipe through the checkout.

Since expanding to ecommerce, the folks at The Spice House have been battling the disparity between the unforgettable in-store journey and the cold, impersonal online experience. How did The Spice House hurdle the gap to get closer to customers online? See for yourself.

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Drip Ecommerce CRM Outloves Ye Olde ESP

The Spice House had revamped their online shop to make the buying process smoother, but they just weren’t able to effectively chat with and care for their customers how they wanted.

When people are perusing the store in person, it’s not uncommon for the owners to come out, describe the spices and their backstory, and fill out a full-bodied spice-buying experience. And, to no one’s surprise, the impersonal, one-size-fits-all emails The Spice House was sending with their traditional ESP just weren’t able to replicate the experience.

Without the ability to segment their customers, personalize messages, craft relevant experiences—and do all of this automatically—The Spice House’s ecommerce growth was starting to get stunted.

The Spice House needed a shift in their ecommerce marketing strategy if they wanted to keep customers close and loyal.

“We were in a situation where we needed to change quickly, and we needed to see results quickly.” — Charlie, CEO The Spice House

Drip is an ecommerce CRM, which means it’s built to help ecommerce brands use customer data to build timely, relevant, and memorable experiences from email to Instagram at scale. The Spice House needed a solution that would help them understand their customers, see what people are doing along their shopping journey, and make every experience more personal. They found that all of this (and more) was possible with Drip.

See How The Spice House Put up Big numbers in Just 10 Months

Plugging The Spice House into Drip ECRM was a quick process. They anticipated the move would take months, but instead, The Spice House was fully set up and ready to run free in a couple weeks.

With all their customer data (dating back to 2004, when they first started selling online) organized and accessible, the sky was the limit for any email marketing automation strategy they could cook up. Suddenly, The Spice House could pick out customers and personalize messages around what people are looking at, what they’re buying, how much they’re spending, and beyond.

The Spice House was empowered to send millions of emails and create relevant, holiday-focused campaigns (let’s talk about their President’s Day campaign that drove $93,000 in revenue over three days). Even adding simple, yet comforting touches like a “Welcome to the newsletter!” email drove more than 20,000 conversions in just 7 months. And they’re just getting started.

Wanna see what other big numbers and ecommerce marketing automation strategies The Spice House has been posting since starting with Drip? Hit the button below and get blown away by what they’ve been able to accomplish since discovering Drip ecommerce CRM.

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