Case Study: The Spa Dr. Builds Community and Engagement with Drip Ecommerce CRM

The skincare industry is more competitive than ever. The U.S. saw sales grow by 13% in 2018, with a notable spike in products that tout natural or organic ingredients. With the intensity turning up, how could any specialty skincare company plant a stake in the industry today?

Dr. Trevor Cates has been fueling her natural skincare company, The Spa Dr., and seeing big growth with one little hack: Put customers first. But showing sincere customer love is a task that’s often easier said than done. 

Since stumbling upon Drip Ecommerce CRM, Dr. Cates and her team have been able to recognize, remember, and reward customers based on their unique skincare needs. With the tools they need to pay attention to each customer and customize entire journeys based on that data, The Spa Dr. has been growing in the face of increased competition. 

See how the team at The Spa Dr. has been using Drip and a customer-first mantra to drive sales and loyalty in a time of rapid growth.

The Spa Dr. Is In

Since November 2016, The Spa Dr. has been crafting premium skincare products and building a community that empowers women to feel confident in their natural beauty. The ecommerce site is a balanced blend of educational content and skincare products. With standalone and system-based skincare products for sale, customers can learn more about the goods—and themselves—across the website.

With an incredible passion for natural skincare, Dr. Trevor Cates has been on a mission to change lifestyles and attitudes surrounding how we take care of our skin, inside and out. The Spa Dr. website is an exact reflection of this mission.

Over the years, Dr. Cates and her confidence-inducing message have been featured on shows such as The Doctors and across a variety of stations and print media. As a naturopathic physician, she’s been featured as an authority on underlying skin issues and how to resolve them with natural products and healthy living. 

Having developed her own line of skincare products, authored the book Clean Skin from Within, and produced blog posts and podcasts, it’s no mystery why Dr. Trevor Cates is looked to for guidance toward healthier skin and known everywhere as The Spa Dr. 

A big part of The Spa Dr.’s mission is to build a strong community of its customers and followers. Dr. Cates is passionate about creating an honest, authentic, and compassionate discourse surrounding natural skin and self-confidence. But while this mission has always been at the forefront, the tools to make it possible haven’t. Without a true ability to engage with customers on a one-to-one scale, tapping into their needs and wants has been difficult.

Finding the Right Tools to Empower Engagement (and Customers)

The Spa Dr. sells skincare systems—cleansers, moisturizers, and more—as well as supplements, a book, and educational training programs. The online shop is a place women can head to learn about healthier skin, confident living, and the products they can use to reach their goals.

Over the years, The Spa Dr. has counted on a variety of ecommerce and tech platforms to stay in touch with people. From WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), the team at The Spa Dr. was looking for tools to help them better nurture customers, further build the sense of community, and engage people with products that best fit their skin types and goals. After transitioning to Shopify, completing the puzzle outside the storefront became the next priority.

Unhappy with their email marketing platform, the team was on the hunt for something new that could check all these boxes: 

  • Have a dynamic suite of functionality

  • Integrate with Shopify

  • Enable advanced workflows without complication 

  • Display digestible analytics for easier optimization and growth

  • Track campaign status overall and per email

Some platforms were too lightweight and lacked an ecommerce focus. Others were too complex and confusing. The Spa Dr. needed a tool that was user-friendly and easier to manage but was still able to create robust segments and workflows that would engage with customers. 

As fate would have it, the team at The Spa Dr. stumbled upon Drip at a convention—and the rest is history. Through discussion and demonstration, it became clear that the typical email marketing platform wasn’t a great fit for The Spa Dr. and its goals. 

To better understand their customers and grow the community that was envisioned, The Spa Dr. needed a platform that could gather customer data, suss out insights, and empower the team to act on those insights and deliver better customer journeys across all their channels.

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The Spa Dr. Deepens Customer Understanding with Drip Ecommerce CRM

Since folding Drip ECRM into their marketing strategy, the team at The Spa Dr. has found big value through time-saving ease of use, less complicated integrations, clear understanding of campaign metrics, and more. They’ve been able to grow their list, engage with more people, and attribute revenue to ECRM strategies.

By moving off of a traditional email marketing platform, The Spa Dr. has been able to expand their strategies that help them better understand and nurture people who come through their online store. 

The Spa Dr. Starts Understanding More People with the Skin Quiz 

To gain a deeper understanding of the people who come to The Spa Dr. website, Dr. Trevor Cates developed the Skin Quiz. The quiz is made up of 10 questions that explore what type of skin someone has. From oily or dry to wrinkles or rosacea, it aims to understand each person’s unique skin type and needs. 

The Skin Quiz plays double duty. It’s a way to collect email addresses and immediately provide useful information to quiz-takers, which starts laying the foundation for long-term customer loyalty. Plus, this quiz helps Dr. Cates and her team gather more data about shoppers so they can start providing meaningful content and customized offers unique to each person.

As people complete the quiz, Drip is able to store and organize all of that data so that it’s ready to be used to trigger emails, campaigns, workflows, rules, and more. 

Segmenting Customers Is a Critical Strategy

One strategy that The Spa Dr. counts on in order to create more customer loyalty is segmentation. The Skin Quiz is a way to understand more about every shopper, but Drip ECRM further empowers marketing strategies that use every ounce of information to make a customer journey that drives loyalty. 

With tagging in Drip, The Spa Dr. is able to segment and target people with custom messages based on things like:

  • Are they a customer?

  • Are they a health care provider?

  • Are they engaged or just passing by?

  • Did they take advantage of the free book?

  • What are their skin pain points?

“Tagging in Drip was a lot easier to manage, which means it’s easier to segment and target people.” — Dr. Trevor Cates

When tags are applied, people are automatically nurtured by the best possible experience for them depending on where they are in their shopping journey. Based on customer behaviors, The Spa Dr. has a few customer-first workflows in play:

  • Product Replenishment 

  • Product Next-sell

  • Browse Abandonment

  • Abandoned Cart

These workflows automatically nurture people at the most relevant time with the most meaningful message related to their actions. Paying attention to behaviors like these means that The Spa Dr. is able to put each customer’s needs and wants front and center—an experience that can’t truly be found at a big box retailer. 

The Spa Dr. Sees Success and Growth in More Than Revenue

Since signing up with Drip and putting Ecommerce CRM strategies into play, The Spa Dr. has experienced increases in both customers and revenue. On top of hitting those growth goals, they’ve benefitted from some unexpected successes.

One of the biggest bonuses to incorporating Drip into their ecommerce marketing plan has been the amount of time saved. With automations firing—emails, workflows, campaigns—the squad at The Spa Dr. can rest-assured that their strategies are humming along and customers are being engaged 24/7. 

Not only do automations create free time, but so does Drip’s ease of use. Dr. Trevor Cates and her team don’t have to spend their time troubleshooting issues, finagling with third-party integrations, or trying to analyze loads of metrics. A user-friendly interface and clear analytics dashboards make it simpler to identify which campaigns are working and enable clear communication around their team for fast optimization. 

With trust in Drip ECRM to nurture valuable customer relationships and more time to invest in different areas of the company, The Spa Dr. is securely set on a path toward growth.

Building a Community of Confidence with Drip ECRM

Since starting to use Drip, The Spa Dr. has been able to reach and engage with their customers in a way they had hoped for all along. With precise segments being formed and relevant workflows deploying the most meaningful experiences at the right times, the confident community The Spa Dr. has been hoping to build is coming together more and more. 

By implementing an ECRM, Dr. Trevor Cates is able to gain a deeper understanding of everyone coming through her digital doors, then empower them with the right content or skincare products.

This attention to pain points and and the ability to deliver custom suggestions, educational materials, and products is what helps The Spa Dr. build and nurture long-term customer loyalty—and give every customer an experience toward confidence that they just can’t find anywhere else.

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